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  • Chapter 74- Buena Vista, Colorado (Travel Edition, obviously)


    Pardon the long break, everyone!  It’s been a busy few weeks, and this post explains a big chunk of that.  Get ready for a week in (a million) pictures…  I took Little A and Baby S to visit my sister in Colorado last week, and had a blast.  How did I end up taking just half of my crew, you ask?  Well, it was going to be a trip by myself, but Baby S is still pretty much attached to me and can fly for free, so she was a shoe in.  And because Little A was in need of some attention (she was battling a nighttime fear of excavators when I booked the flights), I chose her to join.  The plane rides were somewhere in between perfectly fine and incredibly uncomfortable for everyone on board.  People kept saying to me in the airports “oh my gosh, you’re so brave!”.  But I had decided before I left that it would be no big deal and sort of made that idea become true.  Plus, it was only HALF of my children.


    We talked about grand plans of going to hot springs, and hiking once we arrived in Buena Vista.  But really, all that happened was as follows:


    We splashed in puddles and enjoyed the views,

    bv10 bv11

    rode bikes,


    ate amazing food at The Asian Palate (that’s my dear sister Angela and her husband Bobby),


    had a fine beverage with my sister at Deerhammer while my brother-in-law drove around in the car with the kids (what?!),

    bv23 bv4

    and visited my sister’s boutique, Made On Main.  It’s a unique shop with beautiful clothing, art, jewelry and more inside.  The Grand Opening is this weekend if you can make it!  I’m lucky enough to have a sister who can provide fashion advice and outfit me with basically a new wardrobe. Thanks, Angela!

    bv19 bv17 bv15 bv16

    Recognize this?  It’s by Jamie Heiden!


    Original artwork by Angela.


    And then we crossed the street to her new endeavor, Petal & Flour, the go-to place for wedding consulting in Buena Vista.

    bv6 bv9 bv14

    The week was filled with dogs and bikes and water.  And surfing on the river.  CKS is the place to go to get started with that, but I’ll get to surfing in a minute…

    bv12 bv13

    Did I mention bikes?


    And rocks.

    bv50 bv27

    And pacies and blankies because when you’re out of your element, you need some comfort.  Even if you’re coming up on three years old and have already given up diapers.


    Eddyline serves a paddle of beer, and I felt it a must to partake.  Unfortunately, I’m more of an Ale, Amber, and Stout kind of gal.  So the line of IPAs and other hoppy beers was better suited to someone like my husband.

    bv24 bv25

    My sister and I took the girls out for breakfast at The Evergreen Cafe, and trashed the place (sorry Barb!).  But also had killer smoothies and a sweet potato breakfast complete with balsamic vinegar, black beans and cilantro.  Barb, the owner, was kind enough to share the recipe with me.

    bv20 bv29 bv21

    The deer in peoples’ front yards look a little different in Colorado.

    bv30 And so do the playgrounds.


    Back to river surfing.  Here’s how you do it:


    Easy, right?  Well if you’re interested in the sport, BV is a great place to go.  The Arkansas river offers some premiere whitewater rafting and surfing experiences, with a long stretch of navigable water.  At pretty much any time of day, you can see people getting ready to put in or boats floating past.

    bv34 bv35 bv36

    We took a trip to the pond to meet up with neighbors and cousins and get the kids out on the water.  For all the two year olds out there, here’s how you rock some new sunglasses.

    bv37 bv39 bv40 bv38 bv41 bv42

    Little A had a blast, clearly.  She got to mess around and be with big kids and run the show.  Not that that’s all that different than at home, ahem.


    I’m thinking she can be a poster child for Badfish stand up paddleboards, yeah?

    bv45 bv52

    After the trip to the pond, we went back to the river to watch these ladies, Liz and Alex.  They had come in from out of town and were happy to see us and join in on the fun.

    bv53 bv54 bv55

    It was great week.  I got to see my one and only sister, spend time outside, pet some dogs, throw rocks in the river, pawn my kids off on my brother in law (who happily obliged), give Little A some one-on-one, and gaze upwards at the western sky.

    bv51 bv56 bv28

    I’ll leave you with a few parting shots of Bobby and Earl Richmond (the latter who practically invented the sport) taking a nighttime surf.

    bv46 bv47 bv49

    Special shout out to my parents for helping with Little T and J, to my sister and brother in law for hosting, and to the people of United Airlines for attempting to help.  Well wait…I take that last part back.  No thanks to United’s tiny plane with NO changing table in the bathroom.  Because sitting on the toilet seat and changing your baby’s diaper on your lap while the bathroom door is open because there’s no room otherwise sucks.  But thanks to the lady sitting a foot away from said open bathroom door for not minding, and even keeping Little A entertained while it all took place.


    Hope the summer’s treating you well, everyone.  Tell me about your latest adventure, in OR out of state!

    A. Storm

  • Chapter 73- Possibility Playground


    A change of scenery is always welcome, so when the opportunity to meet up with some family at Possibility Playground in Port Washington came up, we jumped at it.  The playground is “universally accessible” so kids with all abilities can enjoy the fun.  And as a bonus, it has a fence around the playground and only one entrance/exit.  So if you have a circus of children, it’s easier to keep track of everyone.


    The drive up to Port Washington wasn’t bad, I think it was 30 miles from door to destination.  Once we found the park, we made a stop at the (clean, yay!) bathrooms because the twins decided last week that they’re done with diapers.  Well, Little A did and J was all “uh, ok.  I guess I’ll be done too”.  In the two hours that we spent at the park, I schlepped all four kids into the family bathroom 5 times.

    pp pp8

    The playground was great!  There was a ton for them all to do (except Baby S, she spent the entire time strapped to my person because the ground was too hot for her to crawl around on).


    A nice little girl even helped J get his shoes off for the sandbox.  And he proceeded to spend a solid 30 minutes in there not caring what else was going on around him.

    pp4 pp5 pp6

    I spoke with Dennis, a very nice gentleman who volunteers his time with the playground.  He stops by most days to sweep up sand and keep things looking good and safe.  He filled me in on the history of the playground and some insight into the community.  I was really happy to talk with such a genuine guy who cared deeply for kids, wanting them to have a safe and fun place to play.

    pp7 pp9

    Between trips to the bathroom, we set up shop for some lunch.  It was a pretty warm day in the sun, so the shaded picnic table was great.


    My kids doted over their new baby cousin, munched on blueberries, and begged to get back to the playground.

    pp19 pp11 pp12 pp13

    Hats.  It was super sunny.


    In our post-lunch round at the playground, we discovered the slide and climbing wall.

    pp16 pp17 pp20


    And then attempted another family photo.  I love it.  Who cares if you can see all of our faces, if other kids are in the shot, or if we’re giggling and trying to run away.  I like being able to vouch that we were all there, together.

    I love the idea of this playground.  It’s great to see people coming together to make sure kids of all abilities have a place to play.  And I appreciate that anyone is welcome to join in the fun.  Everyone I spoke with that day was willing to chat and share a smile, which made the trip even more worth it.

    We’ll be back for more adventures, and next time I’d like to explore some of the lighthouses that Barbara Ali mentioned in her blog.  Maybe even take some time to grab a bite to eat in the cute historic part of Port Washington, too!

    Hope the summer’s treating you all well.  As usual, I’d love to hear suggestions for place you frequent, want to check out, or have even just heard of.  Comment below and let me know your ideas!

    A. Storm

  • Chapter 72- Sharehouse Goods, McBob’s Pub & Grill, and Fathead Jerky

    Now that The World Cup is over, I can post about a game we watched at McBob’s Pub and Grill!  First off, though, I stopped by Sharehouse Goods, because I had driven past it the week before and wondered what it’s all about.  Check out their Facebook page for more, but the basic gist is that they receive goods and sell them, creating jobs for folks who need them.  They also serve Stone Creek Coffee, and are next to Fathead Jerky (McBob’s newest endeavor…a store selling a wide variety of jerky, jellies, jams and bacon flavored popcorn).

    mb3 mb2

    The inside of Sharehouse is vibrant and filled with a great selection of gifts, household goods, and toys.

    mb mb1 mbx

    McBob’s is known for their Reuben sandwich, and has a well-deserved reputation for one of the best in town.  I’ve had a lot of food on the menu, and my only recommendation is to dine in.  Sandwiches such as theirs always taste best right upon completion.  We arrived at about 3pm, just in time for the USA v. Belgium soccer game.  It was the perfect place to watch…we got a spot right at the bar, and had delicious food and drinks while we cheered on our home team.


    mb5 mb6


    Please pardon the terrible picture above.  It does NO justice to the deliciousness of the Celtic Combo (a Scotch egg and Irish spring roll- the latter being an egg roll with a reuben inside).  We couldn’t keep ourselves from devouring the food, and by the time I snapped a shot it was all messy.  I believe Theo arranged the food and narrated “it’s fine, now you can tell that someone really wanted it”.

    The food was great and our drinks were tasty, and Earl the bartender took great care of us.  If only he could have rigged the game in our favor.

    mb9 mb10

    What’s your favorite neighborhood bar?

    Till next time!

    A. Storm


  • Chapter 71- Summerfest


    A friend suggested we see Ray LaMontagne at opening night of Summerfest, and I happened to win free tickets from Miltown Moms (which is a great resource for moms, and you should definitely check out) the day before.  I can’t tell you the last time I was at Summerfest, but I can assure you it was more than a decade ago!  We parked in some free parking downtown, then paid $1 and hopped on one of the busses heading to Summerfest.

    summerfest1 summerfest2

    Now don’t get me wrong, I love Ray LaMontagne (my dear friend Jessamy even sang one of his songs at our wedding), but it was somehow too mellow.  Maybe it was because I haven’t listened to too much of his music since his second album, and I was surprised at how psychedelic it sounded.  We stayed for a few songs, but ended up leaving that stage and walking around.  I should add that it was way colder than any of us dressed for, so part of the motivation was to keep warm.


    Because I’m apparently an old lady, I basically just gawked at drunk folks and how short teenage girls’ shorts were.   My friends and I stopped at one stage that had country music, and then ended up upon Trombone Shorty.


    This was definitely the musical highlight for me.  I let go of feeling embarrassed about dancing, and got my groove on to some seriously good music.  The crowd was having a blast, myself included.   I’d go back to see Trombone Shorty ANY day!

    summerfest7 summerfest8

    Next we stopped to see Neon something or other, a band which my friends had heard of.  Mostly in the context of “my niece loves this song!” or “yeah I think this is on the radio”.  They were doing a Pixies cover, and I’m pretty sure much of the audience didn’t know it was a cover.  But the next few songs were alright and then we realized it was almost midnight.


    We made it back to the bus with a million other people, and got dropped off near the car.  It was pretty easy to get to/from the grounds, and worth it to go.  There are of course a ton of bands I’d like to see, but this night will probably be my only attendance at Summerfest for this year.

    Any of you been to Summerfest this year?  Who did/do you want to see?

    A. Storm

  • Chapter 70- S/V Denis Sullivan, Sail & Fireworks


    Happy Fourth of July, everyone!  Hope you’re celebrating and relaxing.  I wanted to tell you that last night, Theo and I met some friends at the Sailing Vessel Denis Sullivan for a 2 hour sail on Lake Michigan.  It’s been approximately four years since we’ve seen fireworks, so this was a much awaited adventure.


    When we boarded, we met with the ship’s captain, Carlos.  He gave us an amusing but serious set of instructions and expectations for the sail.  As it turns out, he’s a really interesting guy who was incredibly easy to talk to.

    de4 ds1

    One of the crew members brought her dog Brody on the trip, and he was a busy guy, checking out everything and everyone on and near the ship.

    d16 de5 ds6

    We made our way out of the harbor surrounding Discovery World, and set sail on the fairly calm water.

    ds2 ds7 ds9

    This picture of Theo relaxing pretty much sums up the feeling of the sail.  A nice breeze kept us moving calmly, and I felt like we were in a hammock.

    ds10 ds11 ds21 ds13

    We had some great conversations with the captain and crew members.  I was surprised to know that most of the crew live on the ship and spend the winters maintaining the boat.  Everyone we talked to was kind and genuine, and willing to share their experience with us…


    …even if they didn’t want to be photographed…


    We were served Purple Door Ice Cream, as a 4th of July bonus.  Have you had their salted caramel?  Do it.  It’s amazing.  That’s really all I need to tell you.

    ds17 ds18 ds19 ds20

    When we headed back into the harbor, there were a million other boats getting set up to watch the fireworks.  Carlos navigated the path and we docked right were se started.  At first, I thought the view of fireworks would be obstructed by the masts, but the minute they started I shut my mouth.  It was a great view!

    ds22 ds23 ds24 ds26 ds28 ds29 ds25

    After the show ended, we made our way through the sea of people leaving downtown.  For the future, I’ll never drive or walk to see fireworks at the lakefront again.  Biking would be the only tolerable way to leave.


    What about you, what are you doing to celebrate this weekend?  I’d love to hear.

    So happy holiday, all.  Enjoy!

    A. Storm