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  • Chapter 139- Urban Ecology Center and Bayview Printing Co.



    Back in January, on a cold but not snowy day, we went to the Urban Ecology Center’s Winterfest.  It was held at the Washington Park branch, and was great free community event.

    Outside, families were roasting s’mores and the Door County Sled Dogs were hanging out just waiting to be pet.  The volunteers were happy to answer the million questions my kids had about the dogs, and were really happy to have the kids getting a hands-on experience with the dogs.  We learned about their daily schedules, workloads, needs, AND weekly dog sled rides at Whitnall park.  Next winter (if we have enough snow!), my family will be the first in line on a Sunday morning to experience a ride.



    When our toes and fingers started to get tingly, we headed inside for face-painting.  Volunteers were kind and very patient in the decision-making process for a few of my kids (thank you).  They also informed us that there was music and free lunch in the next room, so we checked it out.


    We ate chili and pie and watched some awesome interpretive/flash mob style dance where old and young folks alike were channeling some cross-country skiing.  It was amazing.  Inspiring, actually.  Because….


    …then of course my kids got on stage, which prompted a group of other kids to get up and take over.


    Afterwards, we met up with some friends who were dropping off paper at Bayview Printing Company.  Lucas, like owner Ashley, is a wonderful addition to the BVP experience.  He was kind enough to give us a live demonstration of printing postcards at the shop.  He even let us get involved!

    IMG_6373 IMG_6515

    And as a bonus, we later got to see those postcards in action at Friday Night Action, a gathering of folks who needed some way to channel their political dissent.


    The day was cold and busy, but it was the perfect way to get out and connect with our communities.  The Urban Ecology Center has so many free events, amazing classes/camps/programs, and is genuinely making a difference in the lives of their participants.

    Thanks to Bayview Printing Co. for having us, too!

    A. Storm

  • Chapter 138- Madison for New Years!


    Well it’s been a while, and it’s time to catch up.  For New Years, we spent the night at our dear friends’ house.  Kady and Laduma hosted our crew and threw an amazing shindig filled with glow-in-the dark balloons and a countdown at 8pm.  Shhh, don’t tell the kids!


    After we woke up the next morning (not late enough for my liking), my husband drove back to Milwaukee to do a polar plunge with some friends and family.  The kids and I took our time leaving Madison, and I decided to take them through campus and show them my old university.

    Most everything was closed, so we ended up at the boathouse.  I told them all about how I rowed in High School with a club team, and then joined the crew team at UW Madison.  We also looked out at picnic point, thinking back to my framed drawing of it that we have back home.  My kids unenthusiastically agreed that it looks just like the real thing.


    Since pretty much the whole city was closed on New Years Day, we ended up at the capitol building.  There were lots of people inside, and a large holiday display that the kids loved.


    We walked around, noting the shapes and colors of the building, talking about our government and political leaders, and hoped to come back again when the rooftop access is open.


    It was a pleasant albeit brief visit to Madison, a city that will always a certain amount of charm for me.

    A. Storm