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  • Chapter 144- Discovery World (New Exhibit!)

    We recently decided to check out Discovery World’s newest exhibit, Zoo in You — The Human Microbiome.  Little T got a family membership last year, so we can come and go as we please without worrying about getting our money’s worth at each visit.  Which is awesome.  Because some days we stay for HOURS upon hours, and some we can only adventure for 45 minutes before people melt.

    When we entered, we went right to the new exhibit.  It is contained in one room, and has about 10-15 stations where kids can interact with the hands-on models and displays.

    The first stop we made was to a cool DNA puzzle, which challenges kids to connect nucleobases to create nucleotides.  Brought me right back to high school biology class.  Except way more fun!

    We learned how to build viruses and bacteria, and what they do.  Not all bacteria are bad, of course, and in fact we need some to digest food and create a balance inside our bodies.

    Little T had loved the microscope, which was easy for kids to manipulate.  She also loved the green screen where she got to pretend to be a newscaster reporting on the microorganisms in our bodies.

    Little A and I had a serious competition with the pinball-like game where we learned about places that humans can pick up microorganisms.

    I think the most eye-opening station for me was the interactive video, where we got to zoom in on a single cold virus.  We started out looking at objects like a penny, a grain of salt, a yeast cell, a skin cell, and a mold spore.  I made my kids watch that about a hundred times because I was astounded at how small that cold virus was!

    After spending about 30 minutes in the exhibit, we went to see the Challenger boat and snag a photo.

    And then, because it’s summer, we climbed trees and ran around in the grass outside of Discovery World.

    I’ll be back with more hikes and adventures soon…it’s been a hectic summer with a few setbacks, but we’ll keep exploring our city, parks, museums and trails!

    A. Storm

  • Chapter 142- Point Beach State Park & John Michael Kohler Arts Center

    On one of the Fridays off my kids had in March (there were a ton, though I’m not complaining because it means we get to go adventure!), I convinced my friend Margo to caravan up to Point Beach State Park with me.  Remember that I’m a “wing it” kind of woman?  Well I grossly underestimated the distance and sort of just got in the car and headed north, and it took us almost two hours to reach our destination.  Granted, a trip to Culver’s for ice cream may have added a few minutes to our travel time.

    But it was worth the drive.  Once Margo, our combined 7 children, and I arrived, we briefly looked at the trail map.  It was a little confusing because not everything was open and snow was covering most of the ground.  So we migrated towards the beach and the kids immediately waded in the icy cold water.  Luckily, our boots were waterproof enough to keep toes mostly dry.

    We then decided to just head to the woods and play in the snow.  A campground was across from the beach, so we made our way there.

    The kids got right to eating and throwing snow, dragging sticks, and searching for frozen puddles and ponds.  We hadn’t had much snow in Milwaukee, so it was a great surprise to play in lots of wet but fluffy white stuff!  Margo and I watched our kids make up imaginary games, discover new “nature treasures” as my kids say, and trek over small hills and through trees.

    After more than an hour of playing and walking not very far but having a blast, kids started to get a little chilly.

    We decided it was a good time to head back south and try to visit the John Michael Kohler Arts Center in Sheboygan on our way back home.  So after one last stop at the beach to get our boots thoroughly wet, we piled in the car and shoved some snacks in our faces.

    We were dry and somewhat rested by the time we arrived in Sheboygan, but my lack of planning gave us less than an hour to visit the museum.  The Arts Center has an amazing kids studio, called the ARTery which is open these hours.  The arts center is always free which is incredible.

    We made small booklets from magazines and folded paper, and worked on those fine motor skills to balance out the day.

    There was also a table with clay.  The kids were encouraged to check out the museum and a particular exhibit which had small figurines.  They came back to the ARTery and created their own little creatures.  Little T has a real strong affinity to cats, so she of course made a teeny tiny little kitty.

    Our time at the Arts Center was way too short, so we’ll definitely be back.  Sheboygan is only an hour north of Milwaukee, and we hope to combine it with the Children’s Museum and a trip back to Bookwork Gardens in the summer.

    On the way home, the sunset was incredible.  My oldest took the camera to capture the beautiful lines the clouds were making, so I’ll leave you with her shot.  A little blurry, but I think it does the sky and our day justice.

    Hope you all had a good weekend, and got outside to celebrate Earth Day!

    A. Storm

  • Chapter 141- Discovery World


    On a sunny Saturday morning in February, the kids and I headed to Discovery World to check out one of their weekend events, Love Your Great Lakes.  It was a day filled with projects, games and learning opportunities led by local organizations and non-profits.

    We first took a stroll through the promenade, where we chatted with volunteers and staff who care about the Great Lakes.  We saw the Mequon Nature Preserve, River Revitalization Foundation, and even James Steeno with his local artwork.  When I was Outreach Specialist at REI back in the day, I got to work with many of these non-profits and learned all about some serious conservation and community efforts.  I was really happy to see their involvement at the event!

    All of the kids touched turtles and asked questions about salamanders, and Little A even got to hold a snake!  MPM and MAM also had stations set up for families to create and learn.  It was lovely to see all these museums coming together in the name of community and water preservation!


    Our first stop in the museum was the Kohl’s Design It! Lab.  I’d never been before, because it seemed complicated or like it was geared towards older kids.  Now, there’s no real reason I thought that other than the fact that we typically head to museums during the week, when hours are more limited.  But let me tell you….I WAS WRONG.

    We were greeted by friendly staff who sat us down at a table, gave us menus, and asked which projects we’d like to try.  We ended up on planetary headbands and cardboard helmets.


    Look at my 3 year old jumping right in!  We traced templates on foam paper, and decorated it with lots of fun embellishments.  I manned the hot glue gun, but besides that they were all pretty self-sufficient.


    This lab space really is incredible.  Discovery World has so many different classes and workshops, and even makes a concerted effort to reuse materials.  Check out that wall on the right…there are 5 gallon buckets mounted on a wall, filled with materials for kids to use for projects.  So awesome.

    IMG_6816 IMG_6824

    As my people finished up, they headed to the Kids Corner, a space with building blocks, markers, crayons, and kid-sized furniture.  A great space for open play.


    After the Design It! Lab, we went to see the Challenger ship, and walk around while trying not to run.  Exploring that and the water exhibit next door is always a highlight of our time at Discovery World.  And on this day, we spent over THREE HOURS at the museum and didn’t even see all of the exhibits.  Another reason that asking for memberships to local museums takes precedent over toys in our house.


    Afterwards, we hit up the Sportsology special exhibit, where we threw, jumped, cycled and tested our physical capabilities.  J spent most of the time at the pitching station, while Little T worked on her pull ups for quite a while.  It was a really good hands-on experience for my brood!

    IMG_6841 IMG_6856

    On the way out, we stopped by the photo op in the promenade, and tried out our best silly faces.


    Special thanks to Discovery World for hosting us…there were SO many things for my young kids to do and explore, and there wasn’t a dull moment from the time we stepped in to the time we stepped out.  We’re also very excited for the efforts to have new experiences every week, so there’s no chance we’ll get bored 🙂

    We’ll be back!

    A. Storm

  • Chapter 130- A Month in Review

    I haven’t posted in such a long time, for a few reasons.  The first is that we haven’t gotten out much.  The second is that I’m too overwhelmed to go through and individually post the adventures we DID take.  The third is that sometimes you just need a break.

    So because I have a slew of photos waiting to be posted, and that slew is causing me some anxiety, I’m just going to throw it all in this one glorious “recap” post and start fresh afterwards.

    Please be warned there are a million photos of my kids doing art projects in their pajamas.  Here’s the past month in photos:


    Oil pastel lessons from Grandpa.


    Fine-tuning her craft of making “loopty loops”.


    A “big dog bone”.  My kids have each been planning their big dog bone for months.  Maybe even a year for Little T.  My husband and I have been baffled at what this whole thing means, because nobody’s ever done anything except collect pieces of paper and recyclables.  But one day, after collecting a million scraps of paper, Little A declared that “today’s the day for my big dog bone!”.  She mapped it out and then created her masterpiece.  I’ll let you know when the others are having their dog bone.  It might even be a party.


    Took pretend naps on the kitchen floor while I was trying to make dinner.  Very helpful.


    Made it to the Tosa Tree Lighting ceremony.  It was crowded and fun and hectic and we were glad to do it.  And glad to leave.


    Went to the Milwaukee Art Museum.  Like 10 times.

    IMG_0035 IMG_0133 IMG_0218

    We dragged each other across the floor with blankets.


    Drank lots of hot chocolate.

    IMG_0630 IMG_0633

    Got dressed up in Halloween costumes to help Uncle Wow with a shoot for his film.


    We drew more loopty loops.


    And drew aliens, robots, and super heroes.


    And decorated cookies.  I thoroughly enjoyed saying “screw it”, and letting them just get at it.  I didn’t supervise one bit.  I put all the decorations out, walked away, and only came back for this photo.  They made a huge mess and had a blast.

    IMG_0783 IMG_0787 Little A, Little T and I went to The Nutcracker with my mother-in-law for the third year in a row.  It was amazing, as always!


    Cranky Al’s saw our faces quite a few times.


    We went back to the art museum.

    IMG_1101 IMG_0964

    And made these AWESOME accordion books filled with slides of famous artwork!  The kids art studio was open EVERY DAY of winter break.  That place is the best.

    DSC08782 DSC08773 IMG_1079

    We had another impromptu cookie-decorating session, this time with TEN kids.  Most were under age 6.


    Sat on boxes eating treats.


    Played with glow-in-the-dark Hot Wheels tracks.  And got numerous “movies” put on by Little T and her new planetarium projector.


    Took my dad to the hospital on Christmas Day.  He’s ok, back home now and recovering well after a 6 day stay for an inner ear issue.  Merry Christmas!


    Played outside in the snow.


    Took a family photo.


    Went back to the art museum.

    IMG_1489 IMG_1516

    Made crowns and took photos.


    Attempted that ever-elusive 6 person selfie.


    We said goodbye to the world’s best dog, Bagheera.  He gave us 14 beautiful years of love and wisdom.  I’m still grieving something big and heavy.


    My beautiful sister and her hubby drove up from Colorado to hang out with our crazy crew.  They even took us out to lunch at Pho 124, which is really great by the way.  And my kids discovered bubble tea!  There’s no going back.


    We went to Gospel Brunch at Collectivo, only to discover that it was cancelled (or the calendar was just incorrect online).  However, we drank more hot chocolate and smoothie, and ran into an Instagram friend.  So not a total bust.


    We did more art projects at home.  In pajamas of course.


    And we got bunk beds, which gave opportunity to some super dangerous but really fun mattress-jumping.

    A big shout out to the Milwaukee Art Museum for being so totally rad and giving us endless opportunities to create and absorb art so frequently.  To cookies and hot chocolate and donuts for pumping my kids full of sugar.  To Froedtert hospital for taking care of my dad.  To the Milwaukee Ballet for another year of tradition.  And to the good people who I call friends and family.

    And here’s to the year ahead.  May it be filled with more places to explore, friends to share experiences with, love to be radiated, and peace to be found.

    A. Storm

  • Chapter 128- Milwaukee Art Museum


    So the twins turned 4 this past week, and instead of having a party or something else that would take up energy and not be that enjoyable for me, we let J & Little A choose a special date.  And my heart swelled when Little A said she wanted to go to the Milwaukee Art Museum with JUST MAMA.


    This morning, we got dressed up (because she requested “Mama, will you make your hair fancy and wear a dress?”) and hit the road to the museum.  Our membership lapsed back in April, and I didn’t renew because the museum was under construction.  But now construction is finished and YES WE’RE BACK!!!


    It’s so beautiful.  We saw like 15% of the collection, and it was incredible.  I think there are something like 1,000 new pieces, and they’re big and colorful and thought-provoking and refreshing.  We took a few pictures of our favorites.

    mam8 mam1

    And after taking a pit stop to look at Lake Michigan, we headed to the Open Studio to create some magic.  We saw our friend Shannon, who has seen my kids create and make huge messes for the past few years, and she walked us through the different materials and techniques of the day.

    mam20 mam2

    Little A is an artist at heart, and went right to it, using stencils, watercolors, oil pastels and more.  When I asked her how she felt while painting, she replied “proud!”.

    mam3 mam4 mam5 mam24 mam6

    Afterwards, we checked out the new Haitian exhibit and then made our way back down to the main hallways.

    mam9 mam23

    And to our surprise, we got to see live music!  Painted Caves were playing some super calming and interesting music, and we sat in the front row to get the best view.


    Little A was deep in musical meditation, and didn’t want to leave.  It was also past lunch time and she was basically melting into my lap.  I suggested we go get noodle soup (pho), which she loves, but she couldn’t bare to leave the museum and we ended up in the cafe downstairs.


    A kind and funny and silly woman offered to take our picture.  Little A joked with her and smiled and asked why she was so silly (I highly-regarded trait in our house).  After our dishes were cleared, we found that our new photographer/silly friend had paid for our lunch as a happy birthday present.  That’s never happened to me before, and wow…that was just about the kindest thing I could imagine.  She saw the special one-on-one time we were having, and made it even more so.


    Next, Little A asked for ice cream.  I asked if she preferred frozen yogurt with toppings, or some delicious and SUPER YUMMY ice cream from Purple Door.  Luckily, she took my bait and we ended up at the latter.  She had chocolate and I had salted caramel.


    We spotted a nice wall across the street, which had rich brown colored leaves and interesting vines, and decided to take a few pictures there.  When we got close, we even saw small blue berries on the vines…such fun color-hunting with this one.


    It was just as special for me as it was for her, I’m sure.  I rarely get to spend one-on-one time with my kids, so it’s a real treat to devote my full attention to them.  And as a bonus, we got to do all the stuff I really like doing.  Making art, taking in beautiful works of art by all kinds of artists, listening to live music, and eating good food.

    So in the name of Thanksgiving, I’m really grateful for this day!  I’ll leave you with my favorite shots of the day.

    A. Storm


    mam21 mam26

    (Yes she carried around a notepad all day, taking “notes”.  When I asked her what her notes meant, she said “they’re all about my day, of course!”)

  • Chapter 117- Milwaukee Public Museum with new friends!


    A few weeks ago, I met up with Keila of Mommy In Milwaukee, and her two adorable boys, at the Milwaukee Public Museum.  Keila is such a kind and positive woman, and I feel so happy to have met her.  We’d connected on Instagram, and decided we should probably adventure together at some point.


    When we arrived, it was decided unanimously that we should see the dinosaurs first.  And I think my kids are officially not afraid of the T. Rex exhibit!  It’s always been a huge draw, but the loud sounds and dark lights were pretty intimidating.  Not anymore though, we’re officially brave.


    At the end of the exhibit, there was a museum volunteer with LOADS of information about dinosaurs.  He let us hold real bones, and helped the kids determine which bones were real and which were replicas.


    The above picture is of one of my favorite spots in the museum.  I love the feeling of being underwater and back in history simultaneously.  Oh, and the kids liked it too.


    After trying to corral five kids under age four, we headed back to the lobby to have some lunch and regroup.  We shared snacks and Keila and I finally had a chance to chat.  Turns out we both have a passion for our city, and want to find ways to get people connected.  Now comes the task of figuring out how to do that!


    Little T was still in school, so I wasn’t able to stay too long.  We hung out in the lobby for a bit longer, and talked of wolly mammoths and other awesome natural science.

    mpm6 mpm7

    We also found some stairs behind the wolly mammoth.  Which created an amazing loop for the kids to run around.  And around and around and around.


    Eventually we had to part.  It was a short but super sweet adventure, and I’m sure we’ll hang with Keila’s crew again this summer.


    And on our way out, S had a pretty epic temper tantrum over the stupid sucker she happened to find in the diaper bag (I love everything about our pediatrician except the fact that they have suckers in the lobby.  One accidentally found its way into my bag).  Her older siblings were kind enough to sit next to her (totally unprompted) and wait it out.

    Thanks to Keila for the great company, and to the museum for allowing me to bring some guests!

    Hope summer’s treating everyone well,

    A. Storm


  • Chapter 111- Milwaukee Public Museum

    Today, Little T went on a special date with her aunt and cousin, so I took the other three kiddos to the Public Museum.  We’ve been doing a lot of around-the-house playing lately, without much adventuring.  But today I had requests to see dinosaurs and butterflies, so we headed to the MPM for a visit.


    We first stopped in the lobby to eat some oat/maple/banana bread (recipe from Thug Kitchen’s new book) and admire the wooly mammoth.  And because members now get free admission to the dome theater, we went in to see the show “Wisconsin Stargazing“.  I had never taken J and Little A to a theater before, and certainly not S, so I was a little nervous.  BUT, my fears subsided as we headed in, and my three kids under age 4 sat down and had no idea what was going on so they were still and quiet.


    We got to see the sky in the evening, and then later at night after the moon arose.

    mpm3 mpm2

    We got to see where Jupiter lies in our sky, which is really cool because two nights ago I saw it in person.  In my backyard.  You see, I got Theo a telescope for Christmas and we’ve been getting really good use out of it.  Little T is really interested in natural sciences and astronomy currently, so we’ve had lots of moon/Jupiter/Venus viewing sessions in our back yard as of late.  And two nights ago, I saw Jupiter (even the two red lines!) and four of its moons.  Very cool.

    mpm4 mpm5

    After the short planetarium show, the twins chose to see dinosaurs first.  The above photo is approximately 2 seconds after I asked Little A to keep her feet on the ground.

    mpm6 mpm7 mpm8 mpm9

    Next we headed to the butterfly garden.  You can’t really see (well maybe if you know her really well), but above, S is thrilled to point out the butterfly above.  Her eyebrows are raised and she was squealing.

    mpm10 mpm12 mpm13

    Little A played photographer for a bit, after we saw the insects.

    mpm14 mpm15

    The kids were starving (like always) so we went to the lobby to eat our lunch of pita, hummus, veggies and spicy pretzels (my friend Brooke shared the recipe with me a year ago and it’s a staple snack in our house).


    And after lunch and just a few exhibits, we had to head home for nap time.

    mpm17 mpm19

    We held hands through the parking garage, loaded up, and made it home.  Thankfully we have a membership so we can take lots more time to see the rest of the museum.  There’s a new permanent exhibit which looks great, so that’s on the top of the list for next time.

    Hope everyone has a great week!

    A. Storm



  • Chapter 108- Mitchell Park Domes


    A few weeks ago, my good friend Chai came up to visit us from Chicago.  Chai has two amazing girls, A & V, who have most definitely inherited their mother’s creative bone.  I’ll get to that at the end of this post.  Anyway, we met up on Monday morning at The Domes.  It was an incredibly busy day there, as it’s free for MKE county residents on Monday mornings AND it was a no school day.  So after waiting in a line outside, we made our way in and hit up the Desert Dome first.


    No huge happenings in this dome, other than Baby S (I guess I could stop calling her a baby by now) was ENTHRALLED with the just-her-size railings.  She was interested in pretty much nothing else.


    We showed our friends all the cacti, plants growing in boots (“whaaaaat?!?! that’s so silly!!”), and then headed to the show dome to see the trains.


    After being told not to sit on the ledge, we snapped some pictures at the blue wall.

    domes13 domes15

    And then danced.


    The kids found their way to the stage and showed Chai and me their best moves.  And as you can see, those moves were amazing.


    Because it had been like 60 whole minutes since my kids had eaten, they were starving and insisted on eating lunch.  We headed to the lobby to find a table, but because of the huge crowd, we settled in on the floor for a makeshift picnic of hummus, veggies, fruit, muffins and cheese.

    Chai and I are friends from high school, who didn’t really spend much time together until I was pregnant with twins and freaking out.  I called her up because she had 2 year old twins at the time, and she seemed to have it together.  Chai was a huge support to ensuring me that we’d all be ok (and look, we are!).  So fast forward a few years to this trip, eating a picnic lunch, and trying to catch up with your friend while managing six kids.  We decided to wrap things up so we could head back to my house to get a little closer to finishing a conversation/thought/sentence.

    But first the kids needed to burn off some energy by leaping and jumping on the vents.  I’m sure the staff at the domes appreciated it.

    domes8 domes7 domes5 domes17

    So back at the house, we got out our arts and crafts supplies, and went crazy.  A & V made some amazing 3D structures of houses, lamps and more.  I could tell that my kids hadn’t ever thought to build UP from their paper, and it opened a new facet of art for them!


    Did I mention that Chai is an artist?  She’s got some really unique and interesting  work, here and here!  In Milwaukee!  Bloom has art classes and workshops for kids and adults, and I’ve been meaning to get to one.  Look for that to come…


    Once again, I’m so happy to have Mitchell Park Domes as a resource here, it’s a very laid back and mellow adventure that showed our out of town friends a little of the city.   And thanks to Chai for making the trip!

    A. Storm



  • Chapter 101- Play Date With Art at the Milwaukee Art Museum


    Since we spent a month doing such exciting things as coloring on boxes, wearing finger puppets on our toes, and taking pictures of Rescue Bots, it’s been pretty quiet around here.

    mam2 mam3

    The Storm house was hit hard with the flu among other awesomeness, and there was literally a full week where we didn’t leave the house.  However, the girls got Frozen dresses which lightened the mood considerably as it facilitated some serious dancing.


    But then…people got better!  We took our opportunity to adventure and it happened to be on a day that the MAM offered Play Date with Art.


    Half the reason we went to the art museum was because it was a below zero day (no school for Little T) and they have a heated parking lot.  PLUS, members get to park for free during the month of January and May.  Check out the benefits you can take advantage of while the museum is under construction.  Anyway…we stopped at our favorite white wall to take a photo, then headed upstairs to the lobby for art and music!


    The project was to create a landscape picture, and the kids jumped right in with their friends and started coloring, cutting and pasting.


    And thanks to Sesame Street, this dude picked up a piece of paper and said “Mama, is this a hexagon?”.   Why yes it is!


    Bigger kids in our group used oil pastels and glued frames on their pictures, while the littler kids dabbled in that project and ended up on the ground with crayons in some sort of twin coloring train.

    mam12 mam9 mam13

    After the kids showed off their artwork, we sat down for some music and marching.  We got to use instruments and sing and dance/march around the lobby.

    mam14 mam18

    And we also did some interpretive dance/mild wrestling, or whatever’s going on in the picture above.


    My friend Margo snapped a shot of me and all my kids for posterity.  Because as you can tell, it’s pretty hard to get all of them together and looking at the camera smiling, so any shot where we’re all in the frame is amazing.


    When the play date wrapped up, we set up shop in the cafe to eat our PB&Js, string cheese and fruit.  Lunch bunch, yo!


    So from us to you, we hope you had a great holiday season.  And if you didn’t, we feel ya.  But whenever time and health are on your side, there’s always an adventure waiting to be had.

    A. Storm



  • Chapter 98- Hamilton Wood Type & Printing Museum (Travel Edition)


    St. Nick brought a toy for the kids, and a Jack White LP for Theo, but I made out on top this year.  Yesterday, I drove up to Two Rivers and attended a workshop at the Hamilton Wood Type & Printing Museum.  If you don’t read anything else in this post, just know that you should go there and get a tour of the museum.  My mind was blown by the history of print.  In a few words: the collection they have is expansive, the process was revolutionary in its day, machines were complex beyond my own comprehension, artists perform a deliberate craft, and the museum is doing an amazing job of preserving the history.

    hamilton8 hamilton

    Assistant Director Stephanie Carpenter gave us a tour of the building, and imparted such an incredible amount of interesting knowledge to me and the other 8 workshop participants.  I can’t summarize all the information about how the wood type is made, but there are so many steps and machines which I’d never heard of before.  Read this to learn about the manufacturers, the pantograph (which people are still using in the facility!) the history, and more.  Also watch this short video to get a feel for the people and the passion at the museum.  They even have a few Linotype machines in the building.


    The museum used to be in the Hamilton factory, just up the road, but re-opened in its current location just over a year ago.  The space is open and well-maintained, with a large amount of machines, wood type, and posters to view.  Also, the museum shop has LOTS Of beautiful prints, posters, cards, clothes and other gifts to browse.

    hamilton3 hamilton4 hamilton5

    Stephanie told us a story behind this poster of the Lushootseed alphabet.  I might botch it, but at one point in the state of Washington, the Tulalip Tribe only had two native speakers of their language.  In language camp, wood type was used to help people learn the language through a tactile way, hopefully enhancing the learning process.

    hamilton7 hamilton10

    Posters line lots of the walls, and this one reminded me of the John Prine song “Angel from Montgomery”.

    hamilton11 hamilton12

    Jim Moran, Museum Director, joined us in the workshop to show us the steps of printing.  I absolutely love the process.  It requires planning, paying attention, keeping your station neat, and being ok with making mistakes.  We had access to pieces of type that were over 100 years old, so we understood the importance of taking care of the equipment.


    I had grand plans to make our holiday cards, but found posters much more inspiring and fun to create.  I messed up a whole lot, and didn’t have time to look through all the (millions of pieces of ) wood type, but came away with a greater knowledge AND desire to come back!



    I also made a poster for my dear friend Nancy’s husband’s band, ROM.  There, Nan.  I blew the secret.  This should be in your mailbox soon!



    A lovely lady named Carol did this poster pictured below.  You can see in the above photo where she’s locking up the stars to lay over the “joy” and “peace” she’d already printed.  A great end product!



    The guys at ArcInt Architecture and I swapped posters, which was one of the highlights for me.  The setup of the workshop facilitated working on your own (which is awesome because even though I love being around people, I also love to be alone) with the opportunity to connect with other people with similar interests.  As it turns out, I’m neighbors with one of the architects, and their office is near the Menominee Valley Branch of the Urban Ecology Center, which I’ve been meaning to visit since it opened.


    In all, it was a wonderful day.  Totally worth the drive from Milwaukee, and I’d recommend taking a trip to anyone.  I’d also suggest getting a tour, because the vast amount of history that the museum is preserving is simply fascinating.  It really makes me think about the change our world has seen, even in the past 100 years.

    And one of the best parts of my day…I got 3 hours in a car by myself.  Without the Frozen soundtrack playing, or kids fighting, or anyone screaming because their sock is on the wrong way/their pants won’t tuck into their boots correctly/their seatbelt JUST IS NOT COMFABLE.


    Just me and my thoughts.  Oh, and the view in Two Rivers/Manitowoc is incredible.

    Peace to everyone,

    A. Storm