Chapter 50- Dinosaur Discovery Museum


A family friend recommended the Dinosaur Discovery Museum in Kenosha, and since I mistakenly thought Kenosha was 20 minutes south, I decided to make a last minute trip.  The museum doesn’t open until noon, so at 11am I packed up the kids, stopped at Rocket Baby Bakery for some monkey bread, turned up Katy Perry’s “Roar” and cruised down to Kenosha.  My son thought the ride was the main event, because we saw a million different kinds of trucks and construction machines which basically blew his mind.


We got there with enough time to eat some lunch in the car, and run around the lawn before we hit the dinos (and yes, Little T dressed herself).


We headed in to the free museum, and since I did no research before we went, I was a little surprised to find out that it was more or less one room.  Don’t get me wrong, it was great, just a smaller than I was expecting.  But we went in and saw dinosaur bones, including a T. Rex!  When my kids are older and I’m able to do more than just keep them safe, we’ll incorporate some lessons about fossils to supplement their Dinosaur Train knowledge.

dino5 dino2

Then we went downstairs and saw a paleontologist working and played with crayons and books.

dino7 dino10


After about 45 minutes in the museum, we headed outside to run on the grass and wait for…


…the next street car to arrive!  I randomly saw it stop, so we jumped on.  It cost me a whopping dollar to take us all on it, and was well worth the extra dollar I gave the driver as a donation.  Initially, Little T & Little A had to help their brother be brave.  Because as awesome as machines and vehicles are, they can be a little intimidating to a 2 year old.  Once we got on and huddled in Mama’s lap, all was well.


The ride was about 10 minutes and went a few blocks, giving us views of the water and a lighthouse and the police station.


And as it turns out it’s really hard to take a picture of yourself and four kids with a large camera.  Little A is behind J, you can see her hand.  Just to document that we did this.  We did this!  On the fly, and coming off of colds, without any planning.

Here’s to getting out of the house,

A. Storm

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