Chapter 59- Discovery World


Because Little T had been begging for a year, we bit the bullet and got a membership to Discovery World.  It was actually sort of reasonable, compared to the daily ticket prices.  We only have to go three times to make it worth the annual fee.  But we went on a Saturday morning, hoping it wouldn’t be too busy.  And it wasn’t!  We even found free street parking right in front of the building.


First, we hit up the Milwaukee Muscle exhibit.  We pulled levers and pushed buttons and Little T even rode the flight simulator.

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Next we headed upstairs for a whopping two minutes before the twins were bored and we needed to move on.

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We spent a good amount of time exploring the Challenge (a replica of a Great Lakes Schooner that sailed in the 1800’s), the Simple Machine Shipyard, and City of Freshwater & Liquid House.   These exhibits were much better suited to two year olds.

dw9 dw10 dw11 dw12 dw13

We took the elevator to the Sullivan Pilot House which is really just an open room with some tables and chairs.  It appears to be open to visitors, so we took that as an invitation to walk through and head outside to an upper deck with an amazing view of the city.

dw15 dw16 dw17

We made our way downstairs to the Reiman Aquarium.  It should be noted that most kids between the ages of like 1-3 do NOT like walking across glass with water and fish beneath it.  It’s actually quite terrifying.


But once you help your kids get over the feeling of falling into deep water, you get to see (and touch!) fish of all kinds.  The tanks are enormous and the variety in species is amazing.

dw20 dw21dw22

dw23 dw24 dw25 dw26 dw18

We headed outside to eat some lunch in the grass.  The kids ate PB&Js, and Theo begrudgingly ate the hummus wraps and tabbouleh I brought for us.  That’s what you get for not packing your own lunch…

dw28 dw32

We found a crab claw, ran around in the grass, and called it a day.

dw33 dw29 dw30 dw31

We’ll be back for more, Discovery World!

Oh, and this is happening this week.  Turn your TVs on Wednesday morning to watch me try and stay composed on The Morning Blend! I’ll be chatting about the blog, and the recent article I wrote for Metroparent Magazine.  Check out their printed June issue for my top ten picks of places to go with your kids this summer.

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  1. Mom says:

    Great photos, glorious looks of wonder on the children’s faces and S was even trying to get a good view of the city. Please get a tape of your interview for us!!


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