Chapter Twenty Two- Atwater Beach


First, rent a Stand Up Paddleboard (SUP) or two, and head to Atwater Beach in Shorewood.  We rented the boards from Laacke & Joys.  When you get to Atwater, be prepared to walk down a large and steep bluff.  There are stairs and a paved path, so if you have a stroller you can definitely make it to the sand via a smooth surface. Bathrooms are at the top of the walkway, and there is even a playground IN the sand at the bottom (also a playground at the park up top).


Next, make sure your amazing sister has flown in from Colorado.  She will get everyone settled with life jackets and instructions.  It’s preferable that she works in the outdoor industry as co-owner of CKS, so she knows a lot about paddling and safety. Watch this and this for some clips of some way more technical Stand Up Paddling.


Then, have your beautiful sister take Little T out on the fairly choppy water for her first surfing experience.  Be prepared for your daughter to be super brave and love it and never want to stop.


Meanwhile, play in the sand with your other kids.  Be prepared for them to eat copious amounts of sand and run around like crazy people.

AB10 AB11

When your very adventurous twin wants to go surfing, take her out on the water.  Even though she looks like she’s pouting, she’s continually asking “MORE?!?” so you keep going out and back, riding the waves in.


When your just-a-litte-bit-less-adventurous twin wants to go in, get him set up with a life jacket, too.

AB13 AB14

Watch from the beach with your three year old as your sister and husband take the twins out on the water.  Enjoy life.

AB15 AB9

Make sure that all adults who feel like getting on a board (and who are ok with getting wet) get the chance to paddle on their own while you play in the sand.

AB6 AB17 AB18

And finally, attempt a family photo.

Head home and be amazed at the amount of sand in your kids’ diapers, and watch them drift off to sleep because their bodies are exhausted.

See you next week!

A. Storm



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  1. jamie says:

    I love it! Looks like a great day and what an awesome idea for a Milwaukee area adventure. Nice bird calling on that one image too. 🙂


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