Month: October 2014

  • Chapter 90- Doyne Park Cyclocross Race

    You’ve seen my posts about Cyclocross before, so I’ll refrain from explaining the sport again and just go straight to the good stuff. I headed out with Little T to watch my brother and some of his buddies (all donning new Stone Creek Coffee gear) at Doyne park.  I’d never been to the park before, […]

  • Chapter 89- Hubbard Park Beer Garden (in two parts)

    Last week, we went to Hubbard Park twice and had a blast both times.   On our first adventure, we met some friends and friends of friends on a weekday and threw rocks in the water, played in mud, and watched the salmon swim up stream. Since it’s the end of the beer garden season, […]

  • Chapter 88- NEWaukee Night Market

    What are you doing tonight night, people?  You should work in NEWaukee’s Night Market (open from 5-10pm, and final of the season!).  Last month I went to September’s market, and had a great time.  Here’s my recap: My friend Kate and I arrived like 30 minutes before it shut down for the evening, but quickly ran into people […]

  • Chapter 86- The Landing (Tosa’s Beer Garden)

    This post is to remind you that the beer gardens in the Milwaukee County Parks are still open!  Raise your steins and let your kids play in the dirt/grass/rocks, and dance a bit if you time it right. We headed to The Landing at Hoyt Park a few weeks ago, and promptly set up shop […]

  • Chapter 85- ROM at Anodyne Coffee Roasters & Quarters

    Alright, get ready for a slew of pictures of my kids dancing.  I took them to Anodyne Coffee Roasters to see the band ROM from Washington DC last week, and the kids were incredibly excited to see some music by the band…and to dance.  The girls really wanted to wear dresses (and arm warmers for […]

  • Chapter 87- Mitchell Boulevard Park & Story Hill BKC

    Because life is busy and I can’t manage to get my kids out of the house as often as I’d like, I made myself fit in a park/picnic date yesterday.  We found ourselves at the Mitchell Boulevard Park with hummus and cheese sandwiches on a sunny and breezy day.  The picture above is for my […]

  • Chapter 84- Doors Open Milwaukee (Part III)

    Welcome to your third and final installment of the Doors Open Milwaukee weekend!  After an easy and really enjoyable time volunteering, and an in-depth tour of Bryant’s Cocktail Lounge, I took Sunday to explore. Remember how in my first post, I told you that when I volunteered I got to meet great people, get a […]