Chapter One- Calvary Cemetery


My mom took me to visit some of her ancestors at this cemetery last summer, and I’ve been intrigued since. I’d read that it’s the oldest existing Roman Catholic cemetery, and it’s home to many religious folks and influential Milwaukeeans. The day had just brought a fresh blanket of snow, and I figured it would be a perfect setting to view the graveyard. At 55th and Bluemound, you’ll find Calvary Cemetery.  This Catholic cemetery is home to Frederick Miller (as in Miller Brewing, yo), Patrick Cudahy (as in the southern suburb) and many clergy and religious folks of Wisconsin.


The terrain is hilly and many old trees shelter the graves and monuments.  In summer it’s shaded and glorious, and in winter it’s creepy and beautiful.


It was nice to take a walk here.  Reminded me of how I played in our local cemetery for much of my childhood with my old friend Nancy.  We’d have tea parties under the willow trees, and ride our bikes along the paved paths without worry of cars speeding by and interrupting our no-handed swerves and turns.


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