Chapter 102- Mitchell Park Domes & Schlitz Audubon Nature Center


Last Friday, my dear friend came into town from Madison with her girls.  Since The Domes were a staple when my friend lived here, we didn’t even consider where else to meet!  Oh, and Little T, if you’re reading this in the future, I’m sorry you couldn’t come and see your friends.  Darn school!


Ok, back to the domes.  The kids chose to visit the desert dome first and proceeded to explore in the fastest setting.  It’s REALLY hard to keep 5 mobile kids from running.

domes2 domes3

There were lots of hugs and lots of hand-holding.

domes4 domes6 domes5

And posing for adorable pictures!


Next, we went to the tropical dome for some rainforest action.  And while we were throwing pennies in the pond and making wishes, Baby S got doused with some water.  An employee was watering the plants above us and didn’t see where the hose was pointed, resulting in a wet and slightly pissed baby.

domes8 domes9 domes7

We made a quick stop at the show dome to see the trains, because it was super crowded and the kids needed a snack.  We left shortly after, to pick up Little T from school and head to our SECOND ADVENTURE OF THE DAY!  My kids honestly spent a month inside our house this winter, watching cartoons and growing soft.  So even though it was fairly chilly and I forgot to bring snow pants, we headed to Schlitz Audubon Nature Center to eat lunch and take a hike.


Mystery Pond was frozen over (I know it was that day, but to be safe, PLEASE always check with staff inside the building) so we did some boot-skating and animal tracking.

domesX domes13 domes14

And general exploring.  And finding snail shells.

domes17 domes15

We tried for a family photo and came up with these two.  Nobody looking at the camera in the first, and and extra kid in the second one.  He’s cute, though, so we’ll take him.

domes16 domes18

My friend Margo and her kids did a much better job of posting.


Little T and Little A had a great time smashing and moving and eating ice chunks.

domes21 domes20

The day was a success (well not in terms of how tired I was by dinner time), and even though we practically skipped nap, it was worth it.  The memberships to both The Domes and SANC are well worth it in my opinion, or you could always go to The Domes on Monday mornings, when it’s free for Milwaukee County residents.  But SANC has a ton of land to explore, even in the winter.  You can hike down to the lake to see the ice-canoes, check out the reptiles and rodents in the lobby, search for animals in the trees, enjoy the view from the observation tower, and more.

Hope everyone has a great weekend coming up!

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