Chapter 109- Organ Piper Pizza


After one failed attempt at Organ Piper Pizza (we showed up at 6:30pm and there was a 30 minute wait.  You can imagine that timing doesn’t work for a family with 4 kids under age 6), we headed back and arrived right when they opened.  I’d heard about this gem from my native Milwaukee friends, and had to check it out first hand.


The musician at the organ that night was really talented.  He played show tune upon show tune, and even played some requests.  The kids had fun dancing and well…all they did was jump.  “Dancing” to them is “jumping” to the rest of the world.

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When our pizza a mozzarella sticks were ready, we made it back to the table to chow down.  The food was pretty good!


And then, the kids noticed the game area.  We’d tried to keep them from seeing it because it involved coins and prizes and lots of potential for meltdowns.


BUT, we used my favorite parenting technique of foreshadowing, and let them all go on one ride and get one treat.  And it worked!

op12 op9

Just because this sad clown was delightfully creepy.

op10 op8 op11

And I’ll leave you with Little A’s inaugural bite into a giant gum ball.

Happy eating, everyone!

A. Storm


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