Chapter 111- Milwaukee Public Museum

Today, Little T went on a special date with her aunt and cousin, so I took the other three kiddos to the Public Museum.  We’ve been doing a lot of around-the-house playing lately, without much adventuring.  But today I had requests to see dinosaurs and butterflies, so we headed to the MPM for a visit.


We first stopped in the lobby to eat some oat/maple/banana bread (recipe from Thug Kitchen’s new book) and admire the wooly mammoth.  And because members now get free admission to the dome theater, we went in to see the show “Wisconsin Stargazing“.  I had never taken J and Little A to a theater before, and certainly not S, so I was a little nervous.  BUT, my fears subsided as we headed in, and my three kids under age 4 sat down and had no idea what was going on so they were still and quiet.


We got to see the sky in the evening, and then later at night after the moon arose.

mpm3 mpm2

We got to see where Jupiter lies in our sky, which is really cool because two nights ago I saw it in person.  In my backyard.  You see, I got Theo a telescope for Christmas and we’ve been getting really good use out of it.  Little T is really interested in natural sciences and astronomy currently, so we’ve had lots of moon/Jupiter/Venus viewing sessions in our back yard as of late.  And two nights ago, I saw Jupiter (even the two red lines!) and four of its moons.  Very cool.

mpm4 mpm5

After the short planetarium show, the twins chose to see dinosaurs first.  The above photo is approximately 2 seconds after I asked Little A to keep her feet on the ground.

mpm6 mpm7 mpm8 mpm9

Next we headed to the butterfly garden.  You can’t really see (well maybe if you know her really well), but above, S is thrilled to point out the butterfly above.  Her eyebrows are raised and she was squealing.

mpm10 mpm12 mpm13

Little A played photographer for a bit, after we saw the insects.

mpm14 mpm15

The kids were starving (like always) so we went to the lobby to eat our lunch of pita, hummus, veggies and spicy pretzels (my friend Brooke shared the recipe with me a year ago and it’s a staple snack in our house).


And after lunch and just a few exhibits, we had to head home for nap time.

mpm17 mpm19

We held hands through the parking garage, loaded up, and made it home.  Thankfully we have a membership so we can take lots more time to see the rest of the museum.  There’s a new permanent exhibit which looks great, so that’s on the top of the list for next time.

Hope everyone has a great week!

A. Storm



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