Chapter 113- Cuban Day Street Celebration


Thanks to Miltown Moms, I heard about Saturday’s Cuban Day Street Celebration.  The weather was cooperating, so I packed up the kids and headed downtown to Milwaukee St. in front of Cubanitas restaurant.

The celebration included a stage with some wonderful live music, space for dancing, tables and chairs, a small booth or two, and a very large inflatable slide.  Because I have four kids, we made a dash for the slide.  Since the celebration was still starting, we had it all to ourselves!

cuba7 cuba cuba1 cuba4

Soon after, a few other families came in and the kids took turns going two by two through the maze/slide.

cuba5 cuba6 cuba8

And then my sister-in-law and her son showed up!  My kids were beyond excited that they got to go down a giant inflatable slide AND see their cousin (they often literally squeal with delight when they see him!).


After some convincing, we decided to leave the inflatable and head to the food.  Little T insisted on pushing the stroller which was a very independent and big kid thing to do.


When I went inside Cubanitas to check out the food situation, I read the sign that said “$13 per adult, $6.50 for kids ages 5-11 and free for kids under age 5”.  I bet they didn’t think of my family when making those prices!  The food was delicious.  We ate some rice and beans, fried plantains, plantain chips with guacamole, delicious roasted pork and more.  The kids mostly focused on the white rice, chips and guacamole, but I’d say 75% of them tried 50% of the food.


The tables were all full so we set up shop on this doorstep, which made for a nice backdrop.

cuba11 cuba13 cuba16

I’ve been letting the kids use my camera periodically, and the above portrait and below family shots were done by my three year old nephew.  Pretty good, I’d say!

cuba17 cuba18

And this one just because Little T looks like she’s hitchhiking.


Oh!  And then we realized that Indulge was part of the celebration, and stopped in for some free cotton candy.  The woman making the treat was nice enough to make really small ones for my kids, because I was already tempting fate by getting the kids all hopped up on sugar right before departing.


Little T scarfed down her treat and promptly made herself into a unicorn.

Which happens to be a fantastic parting shot.

Thanks to Cubanitas for hosting such a fun adventure.  I can’t wait to head back to the restaurant for a date night with my husband.  I’ll get to do that someday, right?  Have a night out without a headache of planning and paying a sitter?  Yeah, it’ll come.

A. Storm

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