Chapter 121- Cushing Park


A few weeks ago, before summer was not ALMOST OVER OH MY GOSH, we made the trek out to Cushing Park. It was super easy to find and was well contained.  I like those qualities in a park.


The play structure was wooden, and had a fence around with only one entrance/exit.  Perfect for people with multiple heads to count.


The sandbox was a hit, as was just general exploring and running around with our cousin!


After we snacked on some sandwiches from The Picnic Basket, we headed to the stream to play in the water.  More friends met up with us, and we tromped through the water searching for tadpoles and more.

cushing13 cushing16

We even caught and released some tiny catfish!

cushing17 cushing15 cushing10


We had a blast.  We caught fish, jumped and splashed, played, and definitely found a leach on one of us.  Eeek!


All in all, it was a really fun day.  The play structure was big, there was a lot of shade, and who can complain about water to splash around in?

Hope you guys are enjoying the last bit of summer!

A. Storm


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