Chapter 122- Holey Moley Donuts and Gordon Park


Last week I saw a picture of donuts from Holey Moley, and decided to pack up the kids and take a trip for a mid-morning snack.


We pranced our way into the sort of odd location (the lobby area connected to Coquette Cafe and a few other businesses), smashed our faces against the glass, and chose donuts.  Little T and J opted for the Boston Cream, Little A got the Red Velvet, and S got the Sugar Babies (I didn’t realize we’d get two).  Oh, and I got the Coffee Cake Old Fashioned donut…I may be thinking about it right now wishing it were in my mouth.  It was SO good.


Turns out the pair of Sugar Babies came in handy, because after Little A licked off the frosting of her Red Velvet, she decided she didn’t like it.  Luckily we had a spare!

hm4 hm5 hm10

Just because there was a lot of twin love that day.

hm7 hm11

There was also a lot of hair flipping and squeezing and singing.

hm12 hm18

So then, after the donuts, the kids requested a park.  I agreed it would be a good idea, and asked if they wanted to go to a park we know, or just drive around until we found one.  They chose the latter, and we ended up at Gordon Park.


It was almost deserted, because it was almost lunchtime, and the sky was threatening to rain at any minute.  We took our chances!

hm13 hm14

And there’s a woman, Amanda Magee, who has some beautiful things to say about life and parenting.  And she often says yes when she wants to say no (in terms of things like pulling over to swim in a lake with her daughters).  And when I saw the enormous sandbox, I was temped to request that the kids stay out of it.  Because who in their right mind likes dealing with sand in hair and eyes and shoes and anywhere else you can think of?


But I thought of Amanda, and I said yes.  And the fun we had was worth the sand in my car.

hm17 hm21

I had spotted a big wall across a soccer field, so we took off our shoes and ran across to find out what was behind the wall.  Turns out, it’s a building with some graffiti which makes a great backdrop for photos.

hm23 hm27 hm28 hm29 hm30 hm32

And that was that.  A really enjoyable morning and totally worth it all!


A. Storm



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  1. Mom says:

    The photos are wonderful, maybe it’s the cloud cover. I wish I could have been there, it looks like so much fun.