Chapter 123- Green Meadows Petting Farm


Greetings!  Back to school season…I’m learning that it’s not hard just for kids to get on a new schedule, it’s hard for me too!  I’m trying to catch up on the end of summer here, and realized I haven’t yet posted about the amazing Green Meadows Petting Farm.

I had a Living Social coupon to use (and it was such a $$ saver!) and went to the farm a few weeks ago with my sister in law and her son.  It was such an epic day, because the farm is HUGE and there’s a ton to explore!


We first rode the horses, and my youngest was not quite sure about.


We cruised around the lawn on trikes and bounced on horses and slid down slides.

gm4 gm7

And then we made it to the chicken coop!  Everyone loved holding the chickens and being brave.  Those things occur simultaneously for my kids.

gm5 gm6 gm8

And we pet baby ducks!


And baby cows!


And baby cats!

gm14 gm11 gm12 gm16 gm21

And we ended our day with a hayride.  It was glorious.  We’ll be back next year for sure!

Hope everyone’s start to school is going well!

A. Storm



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