Chapter 131- Cranky Al’s with new friends!


Last month, I met up with a few friend and ate sweets, drank coffee, watched our kids take over the place, and had some really good conversation.  Ellia, of GreenBeanBaby, and I met at Elm Grove Art a few months ago, and have been meaning to meet up over donuts since.  We finally made it happen at Cranky Al’s!


Ellia’s kids are so wonderful, and they entertained my kids for the entire time we were there (almost 3 hours!  You know the conversation’s good if you sit down for breakfast at 8:30am and realize it’s practically lunch time when you leave).

Little A and Ellia’s daughter, Isabella, were queens of dance that morning.  I’m very certain the gentlemen sitting next to their impromptu dance floor loved the sounds of Little A’s cowgirl boots stomping.


I’ll point out here that every photo after the one above (and the 237 on my camera) was taken either by Isabella, Little A, or Diego.  So the remainder of the post will be from their perspective!  Ellia and I stayed in the same spot, more or less, talking about motherhood, Milwaukee, challenges, art, and you know…life.

cranky5 cranky6 cranky10 cranky9 cranky2 cranky12 cranky4 cranky11

This one is hilarious and she’s going to hate me in like 10 years if any of her friends find this gem.

cranky7 cranky8

And somehow, the kids changed the settings to black and white and snapped this pic of Ellia.  They’re so smart, I’ve never taken a B&W photo on my camera!


While we were there, Ellia gave me such a thoughtful gift!  Did I mention that she’s a cut paper freelance illustrator who makes amazing things like the ornament above (complete with yellow glasses!), and also does infographics?  She brought us a bottle of sequins and a stack of beautiful paper, too.

And when we got home, we broke out our new art supplies and went right to making masterpieces.  Thank you Ellia!

cranky14 cranky15

Here’s to more adventures with Ellia and crew, and to sweets galore.

Thanks for your patience in my slow-down of posting, everyone.  This is the first winter where I really feel like we’ve been hibernating!  Hopefully we can get out of our house and explore more than we’ve done the past few months!

A. Storm

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  1. Sakeena says:

    I’ve been a subscriber to ur blog for about a month and I really enjoy ur posts about all ur happenings around milwaukee with ur kids you’ve inspired me to begin a blog about my mommy adventures 🙂 thanks for sharing
    Ps I’ve never been to cranky Al’s but the donuts look delicious, I’ll have to take my kids:)