Chapter 41- Up Up & Play


This is me taking deep breaths.  Our car rides have been pretty epic as of late.  I’m getting better at getting four kids ready in the morning, but by the time we’re all dressed and full of breakfast, the window of going out on a morning adventure is rapidly closing.  So getting boots and jackets on and seat belts clicked is kind of, well, hectic.


Anyway, on Friday morning we met my sister-in-law and her son at Up Up & Play, an indoor play space.


It’s on Kinnickinnic just south of the main stretch in Bay View, above The Down & Over Pub.  Sort of surprising to pull up to a bar and unload your kids, but obviously the crowds are on different schedules.  And the peace signs point you in the right direction, so no worries about actually taking your kids to a bar 🙂


The stairs from the sidewalk to the walkway are under construction so be careful if it’s snowy.  And be prepared to walk up lots of stairs to the top floor of the building (it’s not stroller accessible).




Admission is $5 per kid (babies get in free) for the whole day.  Hours are 10am-5pm M, W, F and 8am-5pm T/Th.  I met the owner, Shannon, who was friendly and warm.  I got the scoop on how long they’ve been open (since last summer), and felt very welcomed.  The facility is full of second hand toys, with lots of room to run and ride tricycles.

Snacks and coffee are available for purchase in the front room.  Bathrooms with changing tables are in the front as well (bathrooms could have used a cleaning that day).  We unloaded jackets and bags and immediately started playing with EVERYTHING.


My kids loved it.  Lots of toys to ride and make believe with.  The space is large with lots of room to explore.

up7 up9 up8

So many things to climb and ride!



There are lots of different stations: books, dress up, trains, blocks, and more.


There’s a play structure in the middle, and our kids got plenty of use out of the slide!

up10 up21 up18


We took a lunch break and headed to the front room.  The kids stuffed their faces with PB&Js and grapes, and talked about such important things as hiding under the table.


When we arrived just after 10am, we were the only folks there.  But quickly a handful of other families came, and I’d say there were 20 kids at most.  By the time we finished lunch, the place had pretty much cleared out except for a few children.  After our full morning of running and playing, we headed back home for naps.  Everyone got to burn lots of energy at Up Up & Play, which is always a plus!


A. Storm




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  1. Melissa says:

    I googled “up up and play” to get more info and came across your blog and found out how awesome it is! I am going to use you as a resource for the adventures I will be taking my boys on in the future (17 & 2 months). I’m always looking for new and fun stuff going on in and around mke so thanks!


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