Chapter 42- Lynden Sculpture Garden


On Saturday, we were crazy people and took our kids out in single digit weather.  We headed out to Lynden Sculpture Garden for their Winter Carnival, and it was totally worth the trip.


We arrived and paid $9 for Theo and myself each (free parking), and headed outside to see the sights.  We also immediately regretted letting the girls pick out their clothes for the day, as they were both wearing dresses.  Luckily, Little T was smart and chose to wear three pair of undies and socks each, with leg and arm warmers of course.


The first station we visited was making some frozen art.  We were helped by a very helpful and friendly gardener in making art on frozen canvases, by putting flowers and greens on ice and pouring a bit of water over to set the arrangement.


Next we headed to the outdoor cinema where we shared a handmade snow cone.  Quite mesmerizing to watch the guy scrape the ice block for each customer!


Little A got to ride on her Papa’s shoulders for most of the trip.  It brought her closer to the sky, which is sort of perfect for this soaring-spirit kind of girl.


Stopping along the way for some photo ops…


We made our way to the fort building station next, where some folks were mixing water with snow and packing molds…much like building a sandcastle.  Plans for building were drawn out on a table so kids could see the steps for construction, which took place inside this small structure.

LG10 LG14 LG11

Baby S really enjoying the day.


Scattered throughout the garden were some performers, doing such things as mopping snow and grilling hot dogs while wearing red jackets and blonde wigs.

LG16 LG17 LG18

A couple of Davey Tree Experts gave a tree climbing demonstration which was really cool.  Unfortunately the kids were frozen solid by this time so they watched from inside the main building.


To warm up, we had hot chocolate and a delicious cheese and tomato panini from the Simmer Truck.  If I had been ordering for myself I’d have gotten the Reuben, but I didn’t think that would go over too well with the kids.  I’ll have to track down the Simmer Truck again sometime because Reubens are sort of the best.


Little T got Mickey Mouse painted on her face, so Little A felt brave enough to get her face painted too.  And asked for Mickey Mouse just like her big sis.  And couldn’t help picking her nose when I asked to take a photo.  



While we were inside warming up, we set up shop next to Bill and Nick of All Hands Boatworks.  They were super friendly and interesting and it was great to see the passion the bring to the pursuit of their craft.  They provide classes and workshops for kids and adults alike, and seem to really value passing on their knowledge.  Check out their Facebook page for more details and information.



I tried to take a photo of Little A next to the handmade boat, but things don’t always turn out as planned, right?

Although we left in a mess of tears and snotty noses and one black eye, it was a great morning.  I’m very much looking forward to coming back in warmer weather.  They have monthly outings for parents of young kids, and I know my kids would love the green space to explore (respectfully, of course) and adventure.  There is a lot of space and some really beautiful art, and all the staff we came in contact with were welcoming.

Hope you’re all staying warm!  Thanks for reading,

A. Storm

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