Chapter 45- Bucks Game at the Bradley Center

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My dad won tickets to a Bucks game, and brought me, Little T, and my brother to enjoy the night.  The tickets included a behind the scenes entrance and court side seats to watch warm ups.

I’m going to stop here and say that if you’re looking for an account of the actual game, or the players, you’re in the wrong spot.  This trip was purely about showing my daughter a professional sporting event, spending time with my family, and drinking expensive beer.

And watching an amazing pre-game performance by these lovely folks:

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They perfected such moves at the Soulja Boy, the stanky legg, and twerking.  No joke.


Before the game started, Little T was starving so we headed to grab some food.  While she licked the pickle relish off her hot dog bun, I had a Blue Moon beer.  I’m not usually cool with paying like $8 for a middle-of-the-road beer, but it was a special occasion and totally worth it.


As we were heading in to our seats, these performers were on the floor.  I was immediately brought back to 8th grade when we won a cheerleading competition and got to perform at halftime of a Bucks game.  Big time stuff for a 14 year old!

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The soda and spectating would have been enough for Little T, especially for a Thursday night.  I actually had a great time watching the big screen as it displayed fans who were unknowingly on camera.  Seeing their reaction once they noticed their faces was priceless.

bucks17 bucks18 bucks19

I misread this sign, so I thought Coolio was performing at halftime that night.  Much to my and my brother’s dismay (my dad and Little T were oblivious to his celebrity (although a bit outdated) status), it wasn’t happening until the Saturday game.



The above photo is the first time that I payed attention to the game.  Until that point I had just been watching my daughter soak it all in, and doing some very entertaining people watching.

bucks23 bucks24

For halftime, we saw about 999 Jazzercise women and 1 Jazzercise man perform some fun and energetic moves.  They looked like they were having a blast!

Unfortunately we didn’t stay for the second half.  Bedtime for a 4 year old comes early, and the minute we got in the car she fell asleep.  The city has some great night time scenes, none of which I was able to capture very well.  But these last two shots were just for fun.

bucks25 bucks26

While the Bucks aren’t having a great run, it was still an enjoyable evening.  My daughter had a great time and I got to catch up with my family.  Not a bad night!

A. Storm

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