Chapter 47- Soup Brothers


I’d been craving soup, and had two out of four of my kids with me over the lunch hour, so we made our way to Soup Brothers for lunch.  They’re open at 11am Mon-Sat, staying open till 7pm Mon-Thur and close at 3pm Fri and Sat.


We ordered from a selection of 6 or so soups and sandwiches each.  Little T and I split a ham & cheese sandwich, and spinach & fennel soup.  Because I like strange things, of course.


Inside this small space is decorated with lots of oddities, complete with a Mac graveyard of old monitors and iPods.

soup3 soup2 soup11

We took pictures of each other and tried to catch the rainbows reflecting on our faces and the table.


Little T met her first 8 Track player and rotary telephone.

soup8 soup10

Then our food was ready.  The soup was amazing, served with sour cream, rice, green onions and pepper on top.  I was immediately excited to come back and have it again, but talked to some other diners who recommended the roasted red pepper bisque (with the tip to add shrimp for an upgrade).  I guess I’ll have to make a few visits so I can try everything.  I heard something about cabbage and cilantro  as a topping for another soup, so I’ll need to figure out which those go with and put that on the list, too.  Did I mention fresh baked bread served with all soups?  But back to the spinach and fennel…the fennel wasn’t overpowering, but Little T still wasn’t a fan.  And really, what 4 year old would be?  She did love the sandwich (though the toasted bread was a little hard for her mouth) which had mustard and cucumbers inside, along with her strawberry soda.  Lucky day!


By the time we left, the place was packed with about half of the customers taking their food to go.  We made small talk with Richard, the owner, who was impressed with Little T’s style,  and we made plans to come again.

Have a good weekend!

A. Storm

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