Chapter 49- Mitchell Park Domes (again)


I’m starting to think that The Mitchell Park Domes should have their own category over there on the right side of this page.  It’s really been a lifesaver for us this winter.  And this week we met up with a bunch of friends for an impromptu birthday gathering for one of Little T’s classmates.


We hit up the trains first, and started by oohing and ahhing over the trains.

domes4 domes5 domes6 domes7 domes8

Then we spent most of our time running around like crazy people.  The gentlemen running the trains were very tolerant and so were the other folks visiting the dome.  Well actually, they all left once we took over.   That was very tolerant of them.


Everyone under age 3 took at least one giant spill.  Luckily Little A had a few layers of leg warmers to pad the falls.

domes11 domes12

The birthday girl even got a ride on this sweet cart!

domes15 domes16

We went to the Desert Dome next, but I didn’t snap any photos because I was busy catching up with an old friend from high school while trying to keep one eye on my brood.  By then it was like 10am and kids were STAAAAARRRVING.  So we set up shop in the lobby and ate snacks and birthday dirt cake.  My kids will have chocolate faces in every photo from here on.


The birthday girl received the most unique present I’ve seen in a while…a hard boiled egg.  Amazing what 4 year olds come up with, right?


And she loved it!  I guess kids are more in tune than us adults sometimes.


And to clarify, there were 4 moms and a zillion kids (plus one attached to my person).


I wonder how many times a day the staff has to tell kids not to jump on the heaters.


Tropical Dome and it’s waterfall were next.


We forgot to bring coins to toss into the pond, so we used magical invisible pennies instead.


Then more running.  Played hopscotch on the sidewalk, and cooled down outside without jackets (it was like 90° indoors for some reason).



Happy Birthday to our 4 year old preschool buddy, and Happy Spring to everyone!

A. Storm

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  1. Aunt Kathy says:

    Amber; you are the best Mom ever! Milwaukee has so much to offer families; you and your kids will see it all!


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