Chapter 52- Aldo Leopold Nature Center (Travel Edition)


We made the trip to the Aldo Leopold Nature Center in Madison last week, and had a blast!


The lobby was home to some great interactive games, stations, and activities.  We hung out there while we waited for our friends to meet us.  And yes that’s the first time we’ve arrived early for anything.  Ever.

aldo7 aldo8

We played with puppets and frog figurines and planted flowers.  All for free!  The lobby and trails don’t require tickets, but the special exhibits do.  We didn’t make it to the exhibits because we didn’t have enough time, but they seem quite impressive.

aldo5 aldo1

We headed outside to the trails, which were pretty interesting because they had just done their annual burning of the grasses.  The landscape was mostly charred, and gave us a good topic to discuss with the kids.

aldo aldo2 aldo9

We unpacked our lunches in one of the open spaces, and set up shop on the log stumps.  Pictured above is the frantic scramble for grapes that had fallen on the ground.  A little dirt never hurt anyone, right?

aldo3 aldo10 aldo12 aldo13 aldo14

We spent the rest of the time running, jumping, playing and of course trying to get all of the kids to pose for a photo.



We stopped back in the lobby to regroup and change diapers and check out the gift shop, and slowly made our way to the cars.  None of us wanted to leave because it was such a great morning.  Old and new friends combined with fresh air and play equals peace.


What are your favorite places to explore outdoors?  We’re always up for something new, so if you have any suggestions or want to share stories of your outdoor adventures, please leave a comment!

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    Jude’s face is really changing, love the latest blog.

  2. Nancy M. says:

    I was just thinking the same thing, Kathy.
    I like to explore the Boerner Botanical Gardens:


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