Chapter 54- Schlitz Audubon Nature Center

Spring break brought colds and fevers, but the day we all felt better we headed to SANC to hike with some friends.  Upon entering the nature center, we met this handsome dude courting some lady turkeys on the road.



We met up with my friend Margo and her three boys, ate a quick packed lunch inside the building, and made it to the nature preschool’s play space.  We turned over logs and dug in the dirt.  We found a few worms and roly poly bugs, said hi to them, and put them back.


We hit up a second play space with a little log cabin, and had a grand time poking our heads out of the windows.  If you use the school’s play spaces, it’s important to remember that kids will be using the space in a few days, so take care and be respectful.

On our walk to the second play space, a nice woman stopped me and said “Milwaukee By Storm?!”.  I was so stunned that someone recognized me, and kept waiting for her to introduce herself as a daughter of my mom’s friend or something.  Because my mom is sort of my biggest advertiser.

But this lovely reader, Jennifer, had stumbled upon the blog and had some nice things to say.  I chatted with her and met her two adorable kids, who seemed to be thoroughly enjoying being outside.  What a nice addition to a great adventure!

sanc4 sanc5

The kids were busy making a large batch of mud soup.  Then they started throwing it and we all got some practice in refraining from tossing it in each other’s faces.


This was supposed to be a picture of me and all four of my kids.  But two out of four ain’t bad!

sanc8 sanc9

Next, we took to the trails and looked for the screech owl, found walking sticks, and played in the mud (well those of us with rain boots did).

sanc10 sanc11 sanc13 sanc14

Some puddles are just too big for two year olds.  Luckily super mama Margo helped out the boys.

sanc15 sanc6

Evidence of a good time!  We headed back to the parking lot, decided it was a great morning to explore nature, and stuffed our faces with the remainders of our lunches.



The next day I found the twins some rain boots so they could enjoy the mud on our next adventure.  It’s been almost a week and they’ve worn the rain boots almost non-stop.


Here’s to getting outside, and the twins being old enough to (mostly) stay on trails and not do extremely dangerous things!

A. Storm

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  1. Mom says:

    Thanks for mentioning me. I love the mud photos, brings back such fond memories of neighbors.


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