Chapter 58- Wehr Nature Center


Last week we met up with some new friends and explored Wehr Nature Center for the first time.  Here’s Little T doing her best Vanna White impression.


We parked and went inside to pay the $3 parking fee, then found our friends and hit the trails.  The trails we made it to were either paved with wood chips or were boardwalks.  The trail system seemed quite extensive, but having little ones makes kept us pretty close to the visitor center.  On our walk, we saw a handful of other hikers on the trails, and even a few runners.

wehr wehr1

Right behind the visitor’s center was Mallard Lake.  We headed to check it out immediately, looking for fish and frogs and anything else the kids thought lived in water.

wehr2 wehr3



Getting six kids to pose for a timed picture is SO easy.

wehr6 wehr7

Little A and her new friends…

And speaking of new friends, hopefully Jamie and her two adorable daughters weren’t scared away by the epic temper tantrum Little J threw at lunch.  Or by having to hold Baby S while I managed the dirt-in-the-eyes situation.  Or by any of the other chaotic happenings that occurred.


A post-meltdown lunch break.


Right outside the visitor’s center is a small playspace that the kids loved.  It’s complete with a small rock to climb, a sandbox, a playhouse and brooms to sweep up the wood chips.


Just prior to the aforementioned dirt-in-the-eyes episode.


Sweeping?  Sharing?  Yes!


In all, it was a great morning.  For $3 we got to do quite a bit, and there’s still a ton of space for us to explore next time we visit.  We also made new friends, ran into our neighbor, got our hands dirty, and breathed some fresh air.  I’ll call that success!

A. Storm


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  1. Alison says:

    I have never been there but had heard it’s nice. Now I definitely want to check it out with my two little ones!

  2. Jamie says:

    Thank you for a fun day! We had a blast, you and your kiddos are great!


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