Chapter 66- Northpoint Custard & The Lakefront

Welcome my first guest blogger!  Meet my sister-in-law Lisa Slama.  She, my brother, and their two young boys live on Milwaukee’s northern shore.  They are a family who loves to be outside, ride bikes, enjoy the city’s fine beer culture, work hard, and spend time with neighbors and friends.  This past weekend, they helped me out by having Little T over at their place (my husband’s currently working around the clock so I can use all the help I can get).  Keep an eye out for more guest blogging from this family of mine.

Schools out for summer!  It’s time for extended bedtime, lots of outdoor play, and cousin sleepovers.  And nothing, and I mean nothing, beats summer in Milwaukee.  Friday we invited little cousin T over for a sleepover.  She’s a big commodity in our house with my two boys, and after some “discussion” of whose bed she would sleep in, we decided everyone would go to the guest bed.  Worked like a charm. 


Saturday seemed the perfect day to get down to the lakefront, grab some burgers, and enjoy the view.  So, I packed up her and my two boys (all ages 4-5) to check out Northpoint.  We arrived early, like 11:15 early, so finding parking and a lunch spot wasn’t too hard. All kids enjoyed their cheeseburgers and tots and we decided to try our hand at feeding the ducks.


My neighbor had recommended this outing, but I failed to ask where to go for optimal duck feeding.  Turns out I had the wrong spot (FYI, apparently good duck feeding is at/near the Milwaukee Yacht Club).  We navigated down some big rocks and set up shop near, but near enough, the ducks.  We tried our hardest to throw the bread far, but at the end of the day these ducks were just not motivated to come near us.

ducks1 ducks ducks5
Kids lost interest so we packed up.  Who knew that the rock climbing back up would be the highlight of the trip?  These kids were pretty proud of getting up “rock mountain” all by themselves.

ducks6 ducks4

We explore North Point a bit, stopping to play on some non-playground structure things, and enjoying the views.

ducks8 ducks13 ducks12

The kids did great and a quick stop for ice cream seemed in the cards.  All is ok with the world when you got ice cream, hot fudge, and sprinkles….and pretty awesome cousins.


We are newer to Milwaukee and haven’t explored too much of the lakefront.  Next time we’ll pack up the bikes and check out more of the scene.  My goal is to hit some of the outdoor movies at Veterans Park (probably sans kids), various fairs and festivals, and taking in some kite flying.

Keep up the great work, Amber.  What a great resource for us all!


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  1. Thanks Amber and Lisa for sharing your experiences. Sometimes I wished I lived in Milwaukee too! Have a fun summer and Amber, it is so nice to have a little help along the way. Thanks, Lisa. Hope you both have a wonderful, fun-filled summer.


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