Chapter 72- Sharehouse Goods, McBob’s Pub & Grill, and Fathead Jerky

Now that The World Cup is over, I can post about a game we watched at McBob’s Pub and Grill!  First off, though, I stopped by Sharehouse Goods, because I had driven past it the week before and wondered what it’s all about.  Check out their Facebook page for more, but the basic gist is that they receive goods and sell them, creating jobs for folks who need them.  They also serve Stone Creek Coffee, and are next to Fathead Jerky (McBob’s newest endeavor…a store selling a wide variety of jerky, jellies, jams and bacon flavored popcorn).

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The inside of Sharehouse is vibrant and filled with a great selection of gifts, household goods, and toys.

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McBob’s is known for their Reuben sandwich, and has a well-deserved reputation for one of the best in town.  I’ve had a lot of food on the menu, and my only recommendation is to dine in.  Sandwiches such as theirs always taste best right upon completion.  We arrived at about 3pm, just in time for the USA v. Belgium soccer game.  It was the perfect place to watch…we got a spot right at the bar, and had delicious food and drinks while we cheered on our home team.


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Please pardon the terrible picture above.  It does NO justice to the deliciousness of the Celtic Combo (a Scotch egg and Irish spring roll- the latter being an egg roll with a reuben inside).  We couldn’t keep ourselves from devouring the food, and by the time I snapped a shot it was all messy.  I believe Theo arranged the food and narrated “it’s fine, now you can tell that someone really wanted it”.

The food was great and our drinks were tasty, and Earl the bartender took great care of us.  If only he could have rigged the game in our favor.

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What’s your favorite neighborhood bar?

Till next time!

A. Storm


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