Chapter 73- Possibility Playground


A change of scenery is always welcome, so when the opportunity to meet up with some family at Possibility Playground in Port Washington came up, we jumped at it.  The playground is “universally accessible” so kids with all abilities can enjoy the fun.  And as a bonus, it has a fence around the playground and only one entrance/exit.  So if you have a circus of children, it’s easier to keep track of everyone.


The drive up to Port Washington wasn’t bad, I think it was 30 miles from door to destination.  Once we found the park, we made a stop at the (clean, yay!) bathrooms because the twins decided last week that they’re done with diapers.  Well, Little A did and J was all “uh, ok.  I guess I’ll be done too”.  In the two hours that we spent at the park, I schlepped all four kids into the family bathroom 5 times.

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The playground was great!  There was a ton for them all to do (except Baby S, she spent the entire time strapped to my person because the ground was too hot for her to crawl around on).


A nice little girl even helped J get his shoes off for the sandbox.  And he proceeded to spend a solid 30 minutes in there not caring what else was going on around him.

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I spoke with Dennis, a very nice gentleman who volunteers his time with the playground.  He stops by most days to sweep up sand and keep things looking good and safe.  He filled me in on the history of the playground and some insight into the community.  I was really happy to talk with such a genuine guy who cared deeply for kids, wanting them to have a safe and fun place to play.

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Between trips to the bathroom, we set up shop for some lunch.  It was a pretty warm day in the sun, so the shaded picnic table was great.


My kids doted over their new baby cousin, munched on blueberries, and begged to get back to the playground.

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Hats.  It was super sunny.


In our post-lunch round at the playground, we discovered the slide and climbing wall.

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And then attempted another family photo.  I love it.  Who cares if you can see all of our faces, if other kids are in the shot, or if we’re giggling and trying to run away.  I like being able to vouch that we were all there, together.

I love the idea of this playground.  It’s great to see people coming together to make sure kids of all abilities have a place to play.  And I appreciate that anyone is welcome to join in the fun.  Everyone I spoke with that day was willing to chat and share a smile, which made the trip even more worth it.

We’ll be back for more adventures, and next time I’d like to explore some of the lighthouses that Barbara Ali mentioned in her blog.  Maybe even take some time to grab a bite to eat in the cute historic part of Port Washington, too!

Hope the summer’s treating you all well.  As usual, I’d love to hear suggestions for place you frequent, want to check out, or have even just heard of.  Comment below and let me know your ideas!

A. Storm

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  1. Aunt Kathy says:

    Another great chapter in your Storm Adventure.

  2. jamie says:

    Awesome! And if you’re in the mood for some tasty salsa and a great soft shell taco wrap go to Beanies in old Port! yum!!!


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