Chapter 78- Gilles Frozen Custard


It was a day when Little T was on a Special Date with Theo, and I needed to get out of the house with the other kids.  I packed them up and we drove to Gilles Frozen Custard, a place I remember going to when I was a kid (keep in mind I grew up two hours north of Milwaukee).  You see, when you have a dad who loves ice cream as much as mine, you spend a bit of time at places like Gilles, Leon’s, Dairy Queen and anything in between.

gilles21 gilles23

We ordered burgers and grilled cheese, and scored a table outside.  The folks next to us had 7 children with them, and I felt the tables turned a little. It’s usually other people who are gawking at the huge number of young children I’ve taken out in public.  But this time, I did the gawking.  And offering kind eyes when the parents were frustrated with one of their kids who had requested vanilla custard after she’d already put in the order for and received her chocolate custard.


Baby S looks like a muppet here.  Blame it on her first taste of grilled cheese.

gilles20 gilles7

The custard was a pretty big hit with the twins.

gilles6 gilles19

Not so much of a hit with the baby.  Her first taste of custard didn’t go so well (don’t tell my dad).

gilles17 gilles18 gilles8

The twins couldn’t really fathom why I didn’t get any custard.  The words “I don’t really like ice cream that much” simply didn’t register.  Probably because they were already on their sugar high and starting to climb parking structures.  So we walked around the lot a little and took a few photos.

gilles11 gilles10gilles13 gilles14 gilles9 gilles15 gilles16 gilles12

And then, because a parking lot is a terrible place to hang out with your two year old twins while they’re all hopped up on sugar, we found a playground near by.

gilles gilles1 gilles2

And ran.  And ran.  And peed on a tree (anyone else in the midst of potty training?).  And ran.

And if the pictures don’t do it, here’s a video: run

Hope you’re enjoying the last bit of summer here, and good luck to all the kids (and parents) with families heading back to school!

A. Storm

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  1. Alison says:

    Haha, yes, in the midst of potty training here, too. And yes, we’ve peed on logs before at the park. Fun stuff.

    Not sure I can fathom why you wouldn’t want custard either 🙂


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