Chapter 80- Skyline Music Series


If you can access a calendar and read my blog, you will get a sense of my timeline currently.  That said, a few weeks ago was the last in the Skyline Music Series.  I’d been wanting to go to more free concerts this summer, and with it being the last chance to see one at Kadish Park, I packed up a picnic dinner and headed out with the kids.

skyline15 skyline1

The COA Youth and Family Centers puts on this awesome series, and provided some wonderful and  handouts (Chicka Chicka Boom Boom and other books, finger puppets, and more) to the kids.  If you’re not familiar with the COA, please check them out and find ways to support the organization.  They do some amazing things for the community!


Now I can’t honestly tell you much about the above picture.  I can tell you that Shannon from the Milwaukee Art Museum was there doing her thing…getting kids involved in art and assisting in kids projects.  At the time of this photo I was either wrangling two year olds to the potty or sweating my butt off pushing a stroller up a hill.  I don’t know, but I remember just passing by and saying hi to Shannon and saying “I’ll see you this fall!” for the MAM Play Dates with Art.


Anyway, J chose our spot to set up camp and we unloaded our dinner of pesto quesadillas (we eat this like 4x/week), refried beans, chips and raspberries.  Everyone proceeded to munch on food before the music started.

skyline4 skyline5

And once the The Urban Empress and the Urbanites took stage, the dancing began!

skyline6 skyline7

The kids definitely approve of reggae music (good thing, because it’s often on our record player at home), and felt free to dance in the lawn/on the sidewalk/anywhere they could find space.  We made friends with a very nice woman names Stacey and her two kids, and danced some more.

skyline8 skyline9 skyline10 skyline14

Most of the kids at the concert spent a good portion of the evening going up and down these steps.  Because I had a baby strapped to my body, and was busy dancing and working up a sweat, I kept thinking “please don’t fall and smack your face on those steps” over and over in my head.   And nobody did!

skyline11 skyline12 skyline13

I’m so glad I made it to one concert, and am definitely looking forward to more next summer.  This was a really family-friendly event, and included so much of what I value: free outside fun, dancing, community, meeting new people, and feel good music.  See you next year Skyline, see you next year.

Anyone else out there have a free concert or series they recommend?  I’m starting my bucket list for next year already…

A. Storm

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