Chapter 85- ROM at Anodyne Coffee Roasters & Quarters


Alright, get ready for a slew of pictures of my kids dancing.  I took them to Anodyne Coffee Roasters to see the band ROM from Washington DC last week, and the kids were incredibly excited to see some music by the band…and to dance.  The girls really wanted to wear dresses (and arm warmers for Little T) to enhance the awesomeness of the experience.  Or really to facilitate twirling and jumping.


We got to Anodyne and hung out in the entrance for a while, because the music was super loud.  And here’s where the dancing (jumping) began.

rom20 rom22 rom21  rom26

While the twins were warming up to the idea of entering the building, Little A found a lady bug and J stood outside and pretended to talk on his pretend cell phone.  As a side note, the dude lighting his cigarette behind J leaned in to tell me that I was a “cool mom” for taking my kids to a show.  Ha!

rom27 rom15

ROM played out their hearts and even dedicated a song to Little T.  She was more than impressed.  Someone who knows something about music wrote this review, if you’d like to get a better idea of the band.

rom25 rom8 rom30

We saddled up to the bar and the kids shared a fizzy juice and we proceeded to spill THREE times.  Luckily the staff at Anodyne were really gracious and not too bothered by the huge mess we made.  Thanks folks!


And this might be my new favorite picture of the kids.


To document that I was actually there…


Dancing turned into break-dancing of course, and because I’ve pretty much given up on any sense of keeping things (kids) clean, I gave the ok to dance/lie/drag their bodies across/swim on the floor.

rom9 rom10 rom16

More dancing, more jumping.

rom17 rom18 rom28 rom13

And we got a picture with the band!  Now when ROM is famous and touring across the world, we can prove that we knew them from the beginning.


And because Anodyne is such a cool venue, we took some band shots.

ROMMARK rom6 rom1

And THEN!  Later that night I headed to Quarters bar in Riverwest to see them jam out again.


I’m no music critic, as I’ve stated before.  But when I heard ROM’s second performance of the day, I decided their music would fit really well on a soundtrack to a movie.  A movie about regular people and the heartache they experience.


I stayed for just a few songs of the next band, Literature, which I liked as well.  And it was then that I decided I’m going to try and start my own garage band.  Because the idea of practicing something with other people on a regular basis is something I crave.

It was a jam-packed day and my ears were ringing with punk tunes by the end of the night.  Thanks for coming to Milwaukee, guys.

A. Storm

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