Chapter 86- The Landing (Tosa’s Beer Garden)


This post is to remind you that the beer gardens in the Milwaukee County Parks are still open!  Raise your steins and let your kids play in the dirt/grass/rocks, and dance a bit if you time it right.


We headed to The Landing at Hoyt Park a few weeks ago, and promptly set up shop playing in the rocks.  Theo and I got some delicious beer, and the kids ate some basic food of hot dogs and popcorn (dinner of champions, I know).  Soon after eating, The Minor Five started playing and the kids made their own dance floor.

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After dancing, we moved over to the large grassy area to climb over Uncle Wow and catch popcorn in our mouths.


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After getting our fill of popcorn, my kids followed the many other kids playing in the trees.  It brought me back…ducking under the branches to get to the trunk of a tree…feeling like you’re in a teepee.

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I looked up to find this.  There were at least three kids climbing this tree!


The sun set and mosquitos came out, so we made our way back to our gear by the band.  They were still going strong, and had the audience enjoying the beautiful night.


By the end, we were tired and full and happy.


Most of the beer gardens are open through the month of October, so check out the Milwaukee County Parks website to plan out your next adventure.


A. Storm



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