Chapter 90- Doyne Park Cyclocross Race


You’ve seen my posts about Cyclocross before, so I’ll refrain from explaining the sport again and just go straight to the good stuff.


I headed out with Little T to watch my brother and some of his buddies (all donning new Stone Creek Coffee gear) at Doyne park.  I’d never been to the park before, because it’s tucked away off of Wells St. in Wauwatosa, fairly hidden from main roads.  There was a soccer field, playground, basketball court, and golf course, all along the Oak Leaf Trail for easy bike access.


Racers made their way throughout the park, up a fairly steep hill, over some fences, and through some wet/muddy grass.

cx2 cx5

I didn’t get any shots of folks taking spills, because I felt like that would be kind of bad etiquette.  Although, after a spectator yelled at a racer who had just fallen off his bike “come on Dave!  Get off the ground, man!  You’re supposed to stay ON your bike!  “, the guy turned to me and noted how great of an atmosphere Cyclocross creates for heckling.

cx6 cx7 cx8

After the race, everyone hung out and caught up with their families, talked about the next race, and washed off their bikes.

cx10 cx11

Little T enjoyed seeing her uncle race, and running through wet grass and cheering on racers.  There’s still time left in the season if you want to watch one of these races.   Check out the schedule, bundle up and head to the course.  Park yourself near an obstacle or on a hill where you’ll see racers pass by a few times, and bring obnoxious bells or horns to cheer them on.

Hope you’re all enjoying this nice mild weather in Wisconsin!

A. Storm


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