Chapter Eighteen- Travel Edition: Door County

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So I’m straying from the norm here…going to talk about something other than Milwaukee.  I’m also going to talk about friends.  Because on this week’s adventure, I got to enjoy both.

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After college, my two friends Brie and Erin and I decided it was time to enjoy a spring break trip.  We were 22 and booked flights to Key West and had amazing time and that’s all I’ll tell you.

We decided to continue the tradition and headed to Las Vegas the next year, San Fransisco the following, then Austin, Mexico, then Puerto Rico, then Nashville, then Phoenix, then Milwaukee and this year we celebrated our tenth year in Door County.  Our trips have been dubbed “Trifecta” and have ranged in theme from straight-up partying to adventure racing to helping a new mother of twins survive to relaxing.  This year we went to Fish Creek in Door County and spent most of the three days talking on the balcony of our hotel room.


Check out the super grainy picture of me, Erin (in pink) and Brie (in red)!

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Peninsula State Park is a beautiful spot where you can swim (if you like cold water), relax, play beach games, and enjoy nature.  Above is Erin about to test out the waters.

Last summer, my husband and I made reservations for tent camping at the park for later this summer.  Now that I’m hugely pregnant, I’m considering options other than sleeping on the ground and chasing after three small kids.  More to come on that as we approach the date.

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I got my fix of yummy Asian food at Mr. Helsinki’s restaurant on the main drag of Fish Creek.  Here’s an awful picture of me (but the only documentation of the night) right after Brie told the funniest story EVER.  As evidenced by my lack of breathing (red face), it was quite memorable.  Someday I’ll share it with you over a glass of wine.

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We drove to Ephraim (a very short drive) to meet a high school friend, Chai, and her beautiful family.  The Chef’s Hat had a really great selection of sandwiches, soups and salads.  Oh, and PIE.  Lots of delicious pie!  We got to hang out for a bit and fill each other in on our lives, and had a mini high school reunion.  I should mention that it’s customary for someone from high school to sort of randomly join in on Trifecta, so we’re really happy that Chai could meet up with us! By the way, Chai is an artist and does some amazing things.

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Honestly I can’t tell you that much about Fish Creek.  We went to one store to shop for a necklace for Erin, ate at one restaurant, and stayed at one hotel.  What I can tell you is that I’m the luckiest woman alive to have so many good friends like Brie and Erin in my life.  These women are two of the most caring, hard-working, and steadfast friends I can think of.  Thanks for making a decade of Trifecta!

This is a shout out to all the friends who have stayed with me since I was born (that means you Nancy), who I’ve met in school, and met in recent years.  Though my life has gotten exponentially crazier in recent years due to an increased family size, I have friends that I can call sisters.  You’ve been there for me and have made some unforgettable experiences.  Even though our friendships have gone through ups and downs, you’re still there for me.  And I you.

If you’re wondering if I’m talking about you, I am.

Thanks to all the friends in my life who I love.

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circa 2000

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Trifecta 2013



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