Chapter Five- Milwaukee Public Market


For my husband’s birthday, we took a trip to the Milwaukee Public Market without kids.  I’ll go through the vendors I’ve been to, but haven’t yet visited each one.  There are plenty that I’m hoping to try soon…it’s a big place!

To start with, parking is pretty accessible.  Between the lot underneath the highway (just north of the market), and ample meter parking (free on Saturdays and Sundays), you shouldn’t have to walk too far.  Even if you do, there is a ton of stuff to see on your way to the market.  Just south is some great shopping (Broadway Paper and Anthropologie, anyone?) and the Milwaukee RiverWalk is right across the street.

Jumping in…

-Cedarburg Coffee Roastery: I typically stop and get coffee here, it is good and delicious as coffee should be.


-The Spice House: When I splurge on things like fancy cinnamon, this is where it’s at.


-Locker’s:  You forgot your mother’s birthday?  Get some beautiful flowers here!


-West Allis Cheese & Sausage Shoppe: Some of the best Wisconsin has to offer.  There is a large selection, and often samples are available on weekends.  I’ve found some incredibly yummy cheeses at this joint, good for gifts or when you want to impress your dinner guests.


-Thief Wine: Because wine bars are fun.  And they sell six-packs of beer (one of the only places you can buy beer to go in the market).


– C. Adam’s Bakery: Two words….Cake Bites.  For those of us who are drawn to savory over sweet, but every now and then like a teeny tiny bit of delicious sweetness, cake bites are the cure.  Flavors such as red velvet, lemon poppyseed, espresso, carrot cake and more will make your mouth happy.

MPMkt11 MPMkt12

-Aladdin- Taste of the East/Pita Works:  Funny that I didn’t get a solid picture of this vendor, because it’s in my top two places to eat at the market.  The pitas are good and have a lot of different options for customization, and the prices are up my alley.  You can get some good falafel, tabouleh, hummus, dolmas and much more.

-The Green Kitchen:  Fruit and veggies are juiced fresh right in front of you, salads are made to order, and sandwiches are unique and fresh.  I wish I had all the equipment and ingredients in my kitchen to eat like this at every meal!


-Upstairs:  Lots of seating for you and your crew, good view of the market, bathrooms and free books, too.  What!?  Did she just say BOOKS?



MPMkt14         MPMkt16


After our trip to the market, we met up with some ales, lagers and appetizers at the Milwaukee Ale House.  Happy Birthday, Theo.


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