Chapter Seven- Travel Edition: Appleton Public Library

I hesitated to post this travel edition.  Because in my About Page, I tell you how this project is to experience Milwaukee and take part in the city I’ve grown to love.  So why write about Appleton?  The simple answer is that I was there sort of unexpectedly for more than a week.  So, post about Appleton or not post at all?  Or maybe try and dig up some old photos of places in Milwaukee that I’ve been and recall my experience.  I chose the first.  My apologies if you’re really bummed.

While in home visiting my parents, I took all three kids to the Appleton Public Library.  Located across from the bus depot and behind the Avenue Mall (is it still called that?), this gem provided us with a solid hour and a half of entertainment.  Upon entering, memories of the Atrium and the train (I’ll get to that in a minute) flooded my mind.  Are they both still there?

We headed straight to the Children’s Section, of course.

Image 3

The twins got out and immediately had a million things to play with.  A board with tons of gadgets to press, pull, flip, shake, twist, buckle, lace and explore covered about 10 feet of one wall.  Toys and books were a plenty.

Image 4

And the train!  A tad less cozy that I remembered, but that’s probably because they took out all the gross pillows and replaced it with new carpet.  Felt images were around for my three year old to create pictures with, and everyone seemed to enjoy sitting in such a nice space.  We had a mini story time with a nice toddler whose mom didn’t give her enough credit for being a polite listener.

Image 5 Image 6

There were three computers, and I don’t know how, but my two daughters SHARED one.  What?!

Image 8

After terrorizing all the other kids in the kid’s section, we loaded up the stroller and headed to the Atrium.  Unfortunately it’s not accessible by stroller so we all headed down the stairs to view the lush plants.  Much like The Domes in Milwaukee, there’s something very special about being in a different and natural environment.  My kids are immediately distracted from whatever temper tantrum they’re having, and start looking, exploring and touching.  Here, they got to do all of that plus play with woodchips.

Image 9 Image 10 Image 11 Image 12

Mostly we played in the woodchips.

Thanks for reading, see you next week FROM MILWAUKEE, I promise.

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