Chapter Seventeen- Lakefront Festival of Art & Port of Milwaukee

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We made a last minute decision to head to the Lakefront Festival of Art this past weekend.  Good choice!


After paying our dues (kids free, MAM members $8), we headed in to see some art.  As it turns out, though, it’s fairly difficult to get a good grasp of the art when you forgot your stroller and baby carriers at home.  I sort of felt like we were in a parade because we just strolled down the alley and had lots and lots of people smile, gawk, and say hi to our big family.  Many women asked how we do it, and what we’re thinking having another.  Oh, the things people say.  At least on this day I didn’t have anyone say to me “So you’re almost there?!” referring to my due date (I’m NOT).


The above woodcut print that Little T is pointing to is her favorite by the very talented John Schirmer.  We stopped to compliment him and had a really nice chat about the art of woodcutting, and found he even has a children’s book.  It looks really interesting, and it’s on our list of books to buy. I love the opportunity to bring art to kids!


And this is the photographer Christopher Robleski, explaining to us the magic behind his art.  He and Katie Nelson have a really unique process of finding abandoned buildings, setting up at night usually by a bright full moon, lighting the interior and “painting” light on objects, and taking a photo.  I think it would be a better idea for you to actually go to his website for a better description.  Anyway, he was a really personable guy with a great idea.


Then we headed outside to see some wild animals….


…and play in the sand!  Definitely the kids’ highlight of the day.


Later in the afternoon, we took a drive to the Port of Milwaukee to take some photos.  Here’s some info on the port.  And here, too.  There are so many structures, I’m curious to know what they’re all being used for.  Or if they’re even being used.  The first photo below looked so space-like to me, like we visited a gated moon community or something.  Now pardon me while I post some extremely large pictures from the day.  I can’t figure out how to make them smaller but still clear.  BAM!

Image Image 1Image 5 Image 4

The last two are just for our moms.  You know, to make them worry that we’re doing dangerous things 🙂

Have a great week everyone,

A. Storm

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    Thank you guys…I want to go play on the trains now too! At night of course.


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