Chapter Thirteen- Estabrook Beer Garden

Imagine this: a nice spring afternoon, friends sitting on a bench drinking delicious German beer, kids running around on the playground, stories being told and smiles on faces.

You have to imagine it because I was going to open with that exact photo but someone, who shall remain nameless, erased all the photos on my camera half way through the day.  Luckily, my good friend Laduma, for SugarFreePhotography, offered to send me a few that he captured from the day, and has contributed the first four photos below.

Arriving at the Estabrook Beer Garden, I saw a ton of frisbee golfers and people grilling out for the Memorial Day holiday.  Parking was super easy and we headed straight for the playground.  Unloading some of the kids, my husband then headed to the concession area/actual beer garden.  Right now it’s under construction, so the menu was limited to beer and bottled water (brats and the like will be available when remodeling is complete).  Make sure to bring a bunch of cash because that’s all that’s accepted and you have to put down a deposit for the glasses.

Live music at the beer garden kept everyone entertained, and the atmosphere was very friendly.  Dogs on leashes, kids dancing to polka music, steins of beer, lots of people arriving on bicycles (it’s right on the Oak Leaf Trail), landscape for kids to explore, and good friends were a plenty.




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  1. jamie says:

    I see leaves on trees but fleece on kids… a bit of “Oktober fest weather” in the air? Looks like a nice outing.

  2. amber says:

    Yep, Jamie! It started out pretty nice, but got verrrry cool by the time we left. They’re also opening a beer garden at Hoyt Park in Wauwatosa, so we’ll have another one to attend this summer, yay!


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