Chapter Thirty Eight- First Sunrise of the Year at Bradford Beach


On New Years Day, I woke up early and took myself on a photo date.  I had visions of watching the sun rise with some crisp clouds low on the horizon, all while capturing some really interesting and changing colors in the sky.  However, Mother Nature had different plans.  I got to Bradford Beach plenty early, but the snow was coming down hard, and the sky was so overcast that even after the official sunrise at 7:23am I could see no change in scenery.

I resigned to not seeing the sun, but found some interesting grays and blues surrounding me.  I liked how the photos appeared to have some filters added for depth and mood.  I wasn’t at all expecting the shots to have this sort of nostalgic feeling to them, but was happily surprised in the outcome.

Some sort of bird caught my eye.  I couldn’t tell what kinds of birds these were, but they floated in the waves and bounced around in interesting lines and formations.


All I could think about was how cold their feet must have been.  It was about 5 degrees when I was at the beach, but I apparently wasn’t the only one wanting to watch the sunrise.


There were a handful of cars in the parking lot, and a few people scattered around looking at the lake before getting back into their warm cars.


After it was apparent that I wouldn’t see the sun or any evidence of it, I drove along Lake Drive to take a few shots of trees.  Cause snow-covered trees are pretty much the best.

NY8 NY9 NY10 NY11

Happy New Year, all.  Sending love and peace!

A. Storm



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  1. Nancy M. says:

    I love the photos, Amber. The ones with the birds over the water are haunting! Keep up the good work 🙂


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