Chapter Thirty Five- Mitchell Park Domes


Last weekend we went to the Mitchell Park Domes for a family outing.  We needed something cheap, indoors, and not a petri dish of germs because we have a 5 week old baby.  This was the perfect space for the kids to walk (ok, run) around and not get into too much trouble.

Domes Domes2

First, we killed some time by walking on the small concrete wall/balance beam.

Domes4 Domes11

Next we went into the Floral Show Dome, which had the theme of the Nutcracker Suite.  Very festive and not too creepy for the kids (it’s real easy for life-size mice and soldiers to get creepy).


Can you see all 6 of us in the reflection?

Domes14 Domes8 Domes15

This last one is an attempt to capture the not-so-dreamy parts of our adventures.  I’m making an effort to represent how our trips really are.  And if that means snapping a photo of my kid before I comfort him, I guess that’s what I have to do (now before you call child protective services, keep in mind that all I did was say “keep your hands off the tree” before J started crying).  It’s easy to only document the good and pretty parts of family.  Because when it’s a disaster, you rarely have your camera out and are available to take photos.  You’re busy trying to get 4 kids into their carseats so we can go to the Domes and have some damn fun and no we are NOT calling off this trip!

Domes10 Domes16

This photo doesn’t represent the true feeling of the day.  It was just really sunny so everyone’s squinting and looking like they’re frowning (except me).  Anyway, the Floral Dome has changing exhibits.  Our favorite is of course the train show exhibit.  Because come on, TRAINS!


These people had the right idea in lying down and just gazing up at the dome.  I’m sure it was really relaxing for the woman to have the twins poking her feet and wondering what she was doing.  Why is it that the second an adult lies down, kids automatically climb on them?


Next we went to the Desert Dome.

Domes21 Domes22 Domes24 Domes23

Poor J had a rough time here, too.  He stuck his finger on a cactus right after I said “keep your hands off the cactus, guys”.  Papa to the rescue.

Domes20  AA1

We hit up the beautiful yellow brick wall for some photo ops, of course.

The Tropical Dome is closed for maintenance until mid-January.  Boo.  But I suppose it takes a lot of work to keep that thing in good shape!  Next time…


All in all it was a success.  I’m sure we’ll be back.


A. Storm

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