Chapter Thirty Four- Milwaukee Public Library, Central Branch

For my inaugural trip with all four kids, I went to the Central Library for story time (with a babysitter…there’s no way I could have done this adventure on my own).

We parked on 9th, and went in the back doors.  I’m not sure why I always use this entrance.  I think I parked near it once and assumed it was the best way.  However, upon using the front entrance since this trip, I’ve realized that I’ve been missing out on some amazing beauty and architecture.  So just use the front entrance…


Anyway, we walked in and Little A proceeded to greet EVERYONE in the very very silent part of the library by shouting “Hi!!!!!!” to anyone whose gaze she met.  Or didn’t.

Central11 Central1 Central2

The children’s section of this library is huge and fun and has a lighthouse.  Do I really need to keep going?  I will…

Central3 Central5

A very nice lady met us and some stories, and even had the kids interact by choosing colors and putting them on the felt board when called upon.  We sang some songs and generally had a nice story time.  It was a pretty small crowd during the songs and stories.


Afterwards, the kids all went to explore the train table, toys, puppets, puzzles and lighthouse.

Central7 Central9 Central8

I followed the girls up the lighthouse (a very tight squeeze for an adult!).  This is the view of the children’s section from the top of the lighthouse.  By this time, it was a really busy place!

Central10 Central6

We played some more, ate a snack (provided free of charge by the library), and did the hokey pokey.  Little A and Little T were champion dancers and never wanted it to end (“MO’ POKEY!  MO’ POKEY!”).


And some of us just played with trains the entire time.


Check out this library.  It’s beautiful and has some really amazing free offerings for kiddos.

Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving…


A. Storm

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