Chapter Thirty- Lunch date at Pho Hai Tuyet


So life is slowing down for me quite rapidly.  The only real adventure outside of going to the doctor’s office for a check up this week was getting Pho with Little T.  I’ve been craving this delicious noodle soup for days, weeks, years.  I cannot get enough of it.  I dream about it.  And when I’m really struggling to keep food down (pretty much my whole pregnancy) I tell my husband to take the twins and head towards Pho.

When I lived in Seattle, I could find good Pho just about anywhere.  But I’m not sure where to get it here.  I’ve tried the Brown Deer location of Pho Hai Tuyet, Phan’s Garden, Hinterland’s Monday night happy hour Pho (don’t bother) and now the Layton Ave location of Pho Hai Tuyet.  The first and last locations were delicious (for Pho, but I can’t recommend the rice/veggie dish that Little T had) but are pretty far away.  I need something close.  Something that delivers to my doorstep.  Got any suggestions?


Anyway, our adventure near the airport was great.  I mean, if you like a lack of service but good Pho, it’s great.  The restaurant had on repeat the following artists: Celine Deon, Whitney Huston, George Michael and Mariah Carey.  So if you have a secret love of soft jams/love ballads, this is your place to go.

And to get back to the food and be totally honest, the real reason I like Pho is because it’s a vehicle for hoisin sauce, basil and lime.  For anyone who knows me, I’m drawn towards sour and bitter foods, along with anything pickled.  So this dish is pretty much my all time favorite.  And when I get to share it with my daughter, it’s magical.


Little T trying the Pho.  She remarked that it was “too limey and surprising”.


But she did like plain rice with hoisin sauce.  Especially out of a fancy spoon.


And she liked the giant fish tank.

This thrilling post brought to you by 39 weeks pregnant.


A. Storm

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  1. Nancy M. says:

    Limey and surprising! Little T has the best comments. And now I want pho…


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