Chapter Thirty Six- Badger Cross Wisconsin CycloCross State Championships


Because life is crazy and one of the twins just got sick, this week’s post will be told mostly in photos.  I went to see the CycloCross State Championships.  Check it out.  It’s badass biking in often extreme temperatures.  This event was host to some well below zero weather.  I learned all about the ranking and history of the sport.  It’s a fun and laid back sport for some, and very competitive for others.  It’s not uncommon to see costumes and beer among athletes and spectators alike.  Obstacles like sandpits, hills, and small fences are in abundance.

CX3 CX6 CX8 CX9 CX10 CX11 CX22 CX21 CX20 CX19 CX17 CX18 CX24 CX23 CX15 CX16 CX12 CX13 CX14 CX25 CX34 CX29

Some serious awards!


The honor system in effect, yo.


This is a cool book by a cool guy who called me a photographer.  I didn’t correct him.  Do you know about the Bike Fed?  You should.


They have a junior’s division, too!  Cool to see young kids having fun and competing.

CX31 CX33

So THAT’S what those pockets are for.

CX32 CX27 CX35

Alright folks, that’s all I have.  There’s so much more interesting information about this sport, like how athletes are ranked and how the races are timed.  But like I just said to Little A a few minutes ago, that’s the best I can do.


A. Storm

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  1. Nancy M. says:

    Is that Chris in second place??!! This looks really cool, Amber. I’ve never heard of cyclocross.


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