Chapter Twenty Five- Radio Milwaukee & Stone Creek Grand Opening


So remember how last week I was all “I’m only going to do boring stuff in my home for a while so be prepared”?  Well I was wrong.  My brother called me up to ask if I wanted to attend the VIP grand opening of the new Stone Creek Cafe and Radio Milwaukee building.  Um, a N/A party?  My favorite radio station?  Coffee?  And I’ll be home by 8pm?  YES!


Christopher (my brother, pictured below) introduced me to Eric Resch and his lovely wife Melissa, who were two of the nicest people I’ve met.  Eric owns Stone Creek and is excited about this new cafe, as it’s Milwaukee’s first and only manual brew coffee joint.  You can tell something’s different when you walk in, and it’s the lack of machinery.  And cool aesthetic.  And interesting crowd.  And location to Radio Milwaukee’s new digs.

SC4 SC7 SC11 SC10 SC2

That last pic is for you, Little T!


I actually stopped and didn’t move for a few seconds.  Then laughed.

SC19 SC18

Eric gave us a tour of 88.9 Radio Milwaukee’s new place, and it’s exciting.  I’ve been listening all summer and wondering when the move was going to happen.  The DJs have been talking about “space for community to be involved” and they’re right.  The studio pictured above is open to the public for viewing, and the big garage-like space looks just ripe for listening parties and more.

SC16 SC13 SC15

We also got to see the rooftop performance space, complete with a green roof (succulents covering much of the roof) and a killer view.  As we were watching the sunset agains the Fifth Ward, Melissa said something along the lines of “isn’t Milwaukee a good place?  I mean, it’s actually pretty cool.”  Which is why I started this blog.  Because this city has a ton to offer and I’m determined to be a part of it, and to help my neighbors and friends do the same.

SC14 SC17

This photo is looking down from the roof to the sidewalk cafe, complete with cozy firepit.


This was such a fun night.  I got to see the product of the Sound Foundation efforts at 88.9, meet some great folks, taste some delicious coffee, and hang with my brother.  It’s always exciting to learn about local businesses, too.

Best of luck to both Stone Creek and Radio Milwaukee, thanks for having me!

A. Storm

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  1. Nancy M. says:

    Oooh! I can’t wait to check this out next time I visit Milwaukee. A radio station and hand brewed coffee? Yay! Also, that rooftop space looks wonderful.


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