Chapter Twenty Three- Hawthorn Glen


Have you been to Hawthorn Glen yet?  I’d seen a sign for it but never actually visited until this weekend.  It’s an awesome park!  And outdoor education center!  And nature museum!  Check out the Milwaukee Recreation Guide (I think around page 20) for special activities and programs offered.


After playing for a while, we ventured into the Nature Center/Museum and got a very thorough and interesting tour from George.  He was great and had so much information about our local natural wildlife to share!  We saw snakes, turtles, fish, an owl, an opossum, a mouse, and much more.  Oh, honey bees, too!  It’s open during the week from 4-5pm, and on weekends from 11-11:45am and 3-4pm, and is FREE.

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This place is wonderful.  It’s not on a busy street, there are trails to hike, an open field to fly kites in, picnic areas and an indoor room with fireplace to rent and have campfires at, and much more.

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See you next week!

A. Storm

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  1. Carrie says:

    Hi there! Awesome blog!
    Hawthorne Glen is our favorite park, for all the reasons you noted above. We try to picnic there often.
    Were you at Yo Mama’s froyo this Sunday??? I think I saw someone who looks a lot like you walking in. I was across the street and didn’t want to shout, especially since I wasn’t positive it was you 😉

    • amber says:

      We should coordinate a picnic sometime! And sadly, I was at home sick on Sunday. So good thing you didn’t shout from across the street.

      • Carrie says:

        We should! Maybe you can email me? Not sure if the email address I have for you is current.

        Hope you’re feeling better.

        I think you have a twin – she really looked so much like you. The kids with her didn’t look like yours and her husband didn’t quite look like yours, so I hesitated. Glad I did 🙂

  2. Nancy M says:

    “Excuse my French” but George seems like a badass! They’re open an hour a day, and have all of those animals to learn about?! Sounds like the kind of place you need to see in multiple trips. Very cool, Amber!


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