Chapter 104- Studio Session at Radio Milwaukee with Bahamas


So you all know my trusty go-to radio station, 88Nine Radio Milwaukee, right?  Well because I’m a member, I got invited to their Frostbite Series (a bunch of bands played studio sessions for the station).  I RSVP’d to go see Bahamas.  Not that I knew much about them besides this song, which you have definitely heard and loved I’m sure.


Anyway, I showed up, got myself a Louie’s Demise over at Stone Creek Coffee (because it was too late in the day for coffee, but not too early for a beer), and sat down in the front row.  While I looked around at the entire audience who was on their phones, I sipped my beer and wondered how awkward I’d look taking photos for the blog.  Lucikly, DJ Kallao was sneaking around taking shots so I wasn’t alone.

And here’s the thing about live music…it’s the best.  Every time I see a show, I wonder why I don’t make it out to see more music (but then I remember how many young children I have).  After this studio session, and only four songs, I’m officially a Bahamas fan.  If you’re curious, Afie is the dude on guitar, and he is Bahamas.

bahamas4 bahamas10

After the show, I asked for a photo and said something really awkward as per usual.  I also tried to buy an LP but they only took cash and I was out of luck.  So AFIE, IF YOU’RE READING THIS, feel free to contact me for my home address where you can send a signed album.


After the show, I got a tour from the lovely Becca, Development & Market Coordinator, and a bunch of us listeners walked around admiring the building.

bahamas1 bahamas11

We even got a chance to step inside the recording booth where Marcus Doucette and Kallao were doing their thing.  I had to introduce myself to Marcus because I’ve won tickets from him twice in the past few years, which is pretty awesome.  Because, Grace Potter and the Nocturnals at Turner Hall in like 2011.  Anyone else witness that musical orgy?


Back to the tour.  It’s a pretty interesting building, with lots to admire.  Like records for days.


And bottle caps for backsplashes.


And old wood pallets for CD shelves.


And a rooftop for viewing the city and having parties and checking out the green space.


And having a nice gentleman take a new profile pic for me.  While on the tour, Producer Nate Imig walked past us and I missed an opportunity to give him some feedback and praise.  Because the community stories that he puts together at 88Nine are the reason I started listening to the station, and I get so many ideas for adventures from there.  I really appreciate the work 88Nine is doing, and the efforts to get people involved in their community.  So here’s my virtual handshake, Nate.  Thanks for passing on the stories of our city!

Thanks Bahamas and Radio Milwaukee for a great afternoon!

A. Storm





5 responses to “Chapter 104- Studio Session at Radio Milwaukee with Bahamas”

  1. jamie Avatar

    Another great blog post, Amber! This looks like it was wonderful time spent. And I agree about the live music thing – I think there would be very few bands I wouldn’t like if I got a chance to see them live.

  2. Krista Avatar

    I love this and I LOVE Radio Milwaukee!! I always have it on in the car when we are in town and I even stream it still from time to time!

    1. amber Avatar

      The best, right?!

  3. Krista Avatar

    PS: The bottle cap backsplash is AWESOME… love all the Sprecher representation on it 😉

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