Chapter 116- Orange Gallery

Hey all!  If you’re free tonight, check out Orange Gallery’s Grand Opening!


I was lucky enough to attend the soft opening in February, and wanted to share about this cool new shop.  Ngoc is a fabulous lady (pictured below, left) who has put together the collection of artwork, jewelry, clothing and general awesomeness in the gallery.  Lacquer Nail Salon shares the space, and provides some seriously good looking nail services by a lovely and hilarious woman, Lynna.

orange4 orange13

When I arrived, there were lots of folks strolling around talking to artists, shopping, munching on delicious food and doing some general mingling.


I liked a ton of the work, and got to meet the women from Artery Ink, Mara and Gloria.  They’ve put together health/wellness with art, to create a really unique art form.  I really appreciate the combination, and the fact that they honestly care about people.  And their message is worth getting behind.  Unfortunately, I didn’t get any photos of their work, so hit up their online stuff if you haven’t seen them around town.

orange1 orange5 orange2

There seemed to be something for everyone here.  The range of style and price was fit for a wide variety of shoppers.


And the general vibe of the night was right up my alley.  People were interesting, welcoming, easy going.  I sometimes feel out of my league at art events, but not here!


I met Leah Delaney of ExFabula (CHECK. THAT. OUT.) and got excited about what she’s doing.  I later attended an ExFabula event and had a wonderful evening, where I almost got up the guts to share a story in front of a large crowd.


I even said hi to Mr. John Dye of Bryant’s Cocktail Lounge (he was apparently feeling a bit photo shy).  Remember the post I did about Doors Open and the in depth tour I got?  It’s a cool place with rich history.


I spent most of the evening meeting artists, learning about Milwaukee, and generally having fun talking with people.  Which brings me to the fact that I took only a few of these photos…

orange X

A big shout out to my friend and photographer Kate for making this post possible!  Most of these pics are hers.  Well except the one above that I snapped while she was avoiding being in front of the camera.

orange15 orange11

The food was delicious (catered by Classic Slice and Cedar Teeth), the company was top notch, and the art work was really great.  I’m sure the Grand Opening tonight will be a blast!


Check out Orange Gallery tonight (I hear there’s a DJ!) or any other time, I’m sure you’ll agree.

Thanks for reading and have a great weekend,

A. Storm






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