Chapter 125- Apple Picking at Barthel Fruit Farm


Today, I made a break from our routine.  I normally head to the gym with S while the twins are in preschool, but instead, we went apple picking!  We had enough time to drive to Barthel’s and man, was it a good decision.  I’m going to officially say that you should get out there soon before it gets cold, and pick some DELICIOUS honeycrip apples!

apples11 apples10

They also have pumpkins, gourds, corn stalks and various fall decorations.  I’ll get back to things other than apples in a minute.  But first…honeycrisps.


I grabbed the $20 bag to fill, and found the correct aisle.  S and I walked around and looked through to find some really great apples.  Apparently, there was some hail damage this season, so the crop isn’t as perfect as normal, but every single apple we got was really great.  Some have a few small marks, but they’re so tasty just as well.

apples1 apples6

After filling up our bag, we went back to the barn and I noticed there were some plants and herbs on sale.  S and I walked around and discovered new colors and smells.  I ended up getting some thyme and apple mint.  There was a small chocolate mint plant which was super yummy (I may or may not have nipped a tiny leaf to try), but my planter at home can’t fit it.

apples3 apples7 apples8 apples4 apples14

After strolling around, having some great conversation (I swear this kid can talk like no other.  She’s not two quite yet but is speaking in full sentences and has A LOT to say.  I guess that’s the product of being a fourth kid!), we saddled up to the apple barn to pay.  And for $24, I got an enormous bag of apples and two herb plants.  Not a bad deal!

But like I said, colder weather is coming, so head out soon.

I hope everyone’s soaking up the last bits of nice fall weather…more to come on a trip I took yesterday in search of autumn colors!

A. Storm




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