Chapter 129- Drink & Ink at Bay View Printing


Another Drink & Ink?  Why yes, yes indeed.

I don’t know how I forgot to post this, but a few months ago, I attended a Drink & Ink at Bay View Printing Co.  I rounded up a group of bad ass women, and we headed to Bay View with our drinks and snacks.


Since I’ve posted about this amazing outing before, I’ll be brief with words.  The gist is that the amazing Ashley (owner of BVP) gave us an overview of how to use the printing press, where to find the type, and how to assemble our design.  We then went to work crafting our posters (mostly various quotes), chatting, drinking, and snacking.  A pretty ideal combination, as it turns out.

bvp2  bvp10 bvp8 bvp14 bvp6 bvp5

Because I had zero plans for the poster, I made this.  A bunch of letters with “STORM” hidden in it.


My friend Sarah made this…


…Shannon made this…


…and this ghost picture has Margo and Kayte’s posters.  Ha!

Now for the good stuff: Bay View Printing is offering memberships!  A one time fee gets you access to a bunch of awesome stuff, and you can go to open studio sessions.  AWESOME!  Please check out Bay View Printing Co.  Ashley is pretty much the best, and it’s exciting to see the business being opened up to artists and makers in the community.


A. Storm



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