Chapter 134- Cloud 9 Workshop: Feeling Crafty Night


On Thursday, I finally attended on of Cloud 9’s Feeling Crafty nights!  And it was so fun!  Kelcey Kalumbula is the creator and owner of this incredible organization, and she offers a wide variety of classes and workshops for kids and adults.  My friend Margo and I had been wanting to attend a Feeling Crafty night for quite some time, and I’m so glad it finally happened.

We arrived at the well-organized, comforting, and adorable space in the front of Bloom Creative Ground, and Kelcey quickly welcomed us to the class.  She gave us an overview of the three craft stations (at one table we made earrings from recycled materials, at another we made cards, and the most popular project of the night was making eco-sandwich wraps) and we quickly got to work.

cloud1 cloud5

I haven’t sewn in a long time, which worked out just fine because Kelcey was available the entire class for additional instruction.  We used sturdy machines which made it easy, and the project itself wasn’t too complicated.  Well, I made a few mistakes as did most of the class, but that’s really all part of the experienc.  But this night has inspired me to finally take my brand new sewing machine out of its box and get back to sewing!  Which is funny, because after I told Kelcey that, she noted how at least one person per class says the same.

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While we were waiting for sewing machines to be available, we kept busy chatting with other participants, sipping our wine/margaritas, and dabbling in jewelry and card making.  It was really nice to meet some new people and relax in such a creative setting!


We had such beautiful fabric to choose from, and I was drawn to the patterns and colors that Kelcey brought back with her from a trip to Congo.  My sandwich wraps are the two on the left, and Margo’s are on the right.


What a great night, honestly.  I wish I’d done more during the school year, but Feeling Crafty nights will start up again in the fall.  In the mean time, Cloud 9 offers Summer Eco Art Camp, private events, After School Art Club and more!  Please check out the website for more information.


We’ve already gotten great use out of our sandwich wraps both in school lunches and on our picnic today.  They are machine washable, and my kids love them.  Now I just need to make more!

cloud10 cloud11

Thanks to Cloud 9 Workshop for a great night, and for some very useful take away projects!  I’ll definitely be back for more, and I’m hoping to get my kids involved as well.

Hope you’re all enjoying this beautiful weather in Milwaukee!

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