Chapter 48- Madison Children’s Museum (Travel Edition)


On Sunday, we packed up the whole family and drove to the Madison Children’s Museum.  I’ll spare you details of the oh-so-enjoyable car ride from Milwaukee to Madison and focus on our time at the museum.  We got in for free because we have a Milwaukee Public Museum membership, and then met Theo’s brother and his family.  We dropped off our jackets and went straight to climbing, riding, running, playing, discovering and exploring!

mcm1 mcm2 mcm3 mcm4

J was feeling a little needy, and spent most of the time attached to Papa, so we’ll count that day as some sincere father-son bonding.

mcm5 mcm6

Cousin C was excited to have so many of her cousins with her.  She kept saying in amazement “ALL!?” as in “We’re all there together? There are so many of us!”


J and Theo tag-teaming it for the morning.

mcm8 mcm9

Little T made it up and through a climbing structure that had every parent wondering if they’d have to somehow squeeze themselves up it to rescue their child if the kid was somehow paralyzed with fear.  But no kids got stuck while we were there, and everyone enjoyed it!

mcm10 mcm11

There was some sort of vintage game section, with arcade games that Little T and Cousin C quite enjoyed.  We breezed through this part because it was next to the stairs and elevator that were beckoning our names.


Then we headed up the elevator to the rooftop garden.  After a few steps outside we were back inside looking at turtles, snakes, rats, chickens and more.

mcm13 mcm14 mcm15

The staff in the rooftop garden were happy to help.  They let my kids pet the rats and chicken, taught us about what the animals eat, and made small talk.

mcm16 mcm17

It was a whirlwind trip.  We arrived late and at peak traffic times so there were a ton of kids in the museum and we didn’t have time to see it all.  I think I got in one mini conversation with my brother in law, and that’s it for adult interaction.  He asked how I possibly take all four kids out by myself.  I didn’t have much of an answer other than “it just works out…most of the time”.

I’m planning on going again during the week.  I think it’ll be more relaxed and less rushed (especially if we leave Milwaukee at a reasonable time) so the kids can explore the many different sections and experiences.

Get ready for us, Madison.  We’re coming back!

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